Fun, photos and switching things up

This image was taken a while ago, the first time we went away for a few days with our friends PS and gem. One of the things we had planned to do together was to take some pictures and this was one of the outfits I put on. It is […]

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Endings and beginnings

The Beauty of Endings and Beginnings

The change of seasons always marks the ending of one thing but the beginning of something else. As autumn shifts into winter I have a strong sense of both the endings and the beginnings this time. I wonder if this is due partly to the fact that the period of […]

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Bloodlust with colour splash

Bloodlust and Photography

Taking erotic photography has been a focus for us for a while now. It is something that we both enjoy and get quite a bit from. Sometimes I will take pictures myself and, more often, it will be a joint thing. We have learnt quite a bit about what works […]

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I think we’re alone now

Well it looks like we have our empty nest. It has felt like a slow time coming, but also as if it has suddenly appeared upon us. I am glad that there are positives for us in having more privacy and time to ourselves as it is hard in many […]

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sexy is

Sexy is as sexy does

I have made no secret of the fact that recently I have struggled to feel sexy. But I have also struggled to take my own advice. I know that I need to make some changes but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. But enough of the doom and gloom: Other times […]

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closing the orgasm gap

How to close the orgasm gap

I suppose I was aware that there was an ‘orgasm gap’ but had never really heard it being referred to or discussed before seeing it highlighted May’s 4 Thoughts prompt. Basically the term refers to an issue in predominantly cis gendered hetero-sexual couples where the focus in on PIV sex […]

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talking about masturbation

Talking about masturbation

Talking about masturbation. Generally we don’t, do we? I mean here in these sorts of circles we do, But out there? Not so much. And I wonder why that is. I suppose like all things sexual, we are conditioned to feel it is something which should be kept private. It […]

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lost sex

Lost Sex ~ a short Sunday reflection

I am writing about libido for another post and have been thinking a lot about desire and how it works. I think in most relationships there will be times when you almost forget how good things can be, time passes, and you slip into a place where you are no […]

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So you want to be a MILF?

Actually I wouldn’t mind being a MILF again. I know it’s not always taken as a compliment but as someone who has moved out of my milfing years I am sort of sorry to see them go. I am not sure what age you have to be to be a […]

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Find what makes you feel sexy

Find what makes you feel sexy

I suppose this is a bit of a follow up to my last post where I said that I was finding it hard to feel sexy. Basically I know that this starts with me because it is a mindset I have fallen in to. I think it has happened for […]

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fresh start

Every day is a fresh start ~ C for challenge

When life feels reduced in so many ways, it can be difficult to see opportunities. It can be hard to see any day as a fresh start when it feels like groundhog day every day, no matter how hard you try or how much you might want to. Feeling inspired […]

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cleaning orgasm - cleaning the shower

A Cleaning Orgasm

Every Saturday I clean the house. And every Saturday I have a cleaning orgasm. I have never written about this and I’m not sure why. That is I am not sure why I have never written about it as I have written about most other things I do, but also […]

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feel naughty

Never too old to be naughty

I like being naughty. I like it, but I find it hard to do sometimes. My self consciousness is a bitch and she kicks in and stops me from letting go, from being the naughty girl I want to be. It has got harder as I have got older. She […]

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nudity and freedom

Nudity and freedom

I have mixed feelings about nudity. I can find being naked really liberating and sometimes I am totally on board with it, but my fragile body image and body dysmorphia can also make being naked an impossibility. My mixed feelings extend to taking pictures. I tend not to publish those […]

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Want to play

Want to play?

Some say I don’t play well with others. I say it depends on who it is and what they want to play. Click on the badge to see who else is taking part in MONOCHROMEROTIC or click here for more of my images

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Sex, submission and confidence

I have low confidence. That is not to say I am not confident in some things, knowledge about certain topics and stuff, but in myself, not really, no. I have quite low self esteem too. It is a fragile thing and although my life pretty much validates me, it is […]

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erotic photography and where it fits

Erotic photography and where it fits

This post is about erotic photography and where it fits within our D/s dynamic. I have written about photography before, including pieces about publishing images, and also some pieces which touch on how it can make me feel with regard to my submission to HL. Over the years I have […]

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Valentine’s Date Night

We never really do anything for Valentine’s Day.  One reason is that it is so close to my Birthday and we have usually celebrated that in some way, and the other is that I am not really a big fan of commercialised days and ways to mark how I feel. […]

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romance - extract from valentine by carol ann duffy


I thought that I would start with the Carol Ann Duffy poem, ‘Valentine’ because, through her metaphysical interpretation, she turns on its head our preconceptions of romance, and I have always quite liked that. In comparing love to an onion, she covers many of the aspects of relationships which are […]

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