be daring and find ways to surrender

Be daring and find ways to surrender

It takes courage to surrender. We are designed to want to feel in control of things. We crave routine and order and a sense of, well … things making sense really. But often that is not what we find. It can be exhausting when we try to control elements that […]

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Something sexier - black and white

And now … for something sexier

I have always enjoyed dressing up and my feeling good project is about that very thing really. All my recent reflection has made for a heavier and more serious feel so I was ready to write something lighter and something sexier. In terms of clothing and style, I love lingerie […]

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the feel good factor - cover

The Feel Good Factor

One of the things I wanted to come out of this year, was a focus on trying to feel good, about myself and about my life. This came partly from turning 50, partly from the craziness that has been going on around us in the world, and partly just because […]

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cleaning orgasm - cleaning the shower

A Cleaning Orgasm

Every Saturday I clean the house. And every Saturday I have a cleaning orgasm. I have never written about this and I’m not sure why. That is I am not sure why I have never written about it as I have written about most other things I do, but also […]

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New Socks

Sassy Sexy Socks

It is always nice when things come along that you didn’t expect. I am very active on Twitter but my friend Posy knows that I love socks and she tagged me in a #ThighHighThursday photo theme which was being hosted by Indulgent Desires. I had fully intended to tweet an […]

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feel naughty

Never too old to be naughty

I like being naughty. I like it, but I find it hard to do sometimes. My self consciousness is a bitch and she kicks in and stops me from letting go, from being the naughty girl I want to be. It has got harder as I have got older. She […]

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Submissive photo challenge

Submissive Photo Challenge – Exposed

This week I was set a submissive photo challenge. The idea was for me to take a photo each day and post it in a group chat. I was told that the purpose was to focus my mind on doing something for someone else. Secondary to this was to push […]

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Hot legs

Hot Legs

Hot Legs Who’s that knocking on my doorIt’s gotta be a quarter to fourIs it you again coming ’round for moreWell you can love me tonight if you wantBut in the morning make sure you’re goneI’m talkin’ to youHot legs, wearing me outHot legs, you can scream and shoutHot legs, […]

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Feeling playful in a wetlook playsuit

Feeling Playful

I enjoy dressing up. Dressing up for HL is even better as he makes me feel sexy. I have written before about enclothed cognition and the fact that the right clothes can completely change my mindset for the better. I have been trying to celebrate this through a focus on […]

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Bondara flirt wet look cami

Bondara Flirt Wet Look and Mesh Cami ~ Review

I really liked the look of the Bondara Flirt Wet Look and Mesh Cami, Thong and Stockings when I saw first saw it on the their website, so I was delighted when Bondara agreed to send it to me in exchange for an honest review. I love clothes and I […]

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nudity and freedom

Nudity and freedom

I have mixed feelings about nudity. I can find being naked really liberating and sometimes I am totally on board with it, but my fragile body image and body dysmorphia can also make being naked an impossibility. My mixed feelings extend to taking pictures. I tend not to publish those […]

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Want to play

Want to play?

Some say I don’t play well with others. I say it depends on who it is and what they want to play. Click on the badge to see who else is taking part in MONOCHROMEROTIC or click here for more of my images

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seeing through things

Seeing Through Things

“It is said that wisdom lies not in seeing things, but seeing through things.” Manly P. Hall We are really lucky in that we are getting away for a few days. I have been looking out for clothes which will work. HL prefers me to wear as little as possible when the opportunity presents […]

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Enclothed Cognition

Feeling Sexy – Enclothed Cognition

I have wanted to write about clothes and how they make me feel for a while now. I love clothes and I love dressing up. What I wear can really change the way that I feel about myself and I have found that if I feel good, I tend to […]

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Sex, submission and confidence

I have low confidence. That is not to say I am not confident in some things, knowledge about certain topics and stuff, but in myself, not really, no. I have quite low self esteem too. It is a fragile thing and although my life pretty much validates me, it is […]

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erotic photography and where it fits

Erotic photography and where it fits

This post is about erotic photography and where it fits within our D/s dynamic. I have written about photography before, including pieces about publishing images, and also some pieces which touch on how it can make me feel with regard to my submission to HL. Over the years I have […]

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picture perfect

Picture Perfect – avoiding the negatives

My issues with my body mean that things are never going to be picture perfect for me. The chances of any picture meeting the grade are slim, and there are always a lot of casualties along the way. This is hard for HL, who is often the photographer. I get […]

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The Fun Theme Photo Meme

Burlesque Baby – Fun Theme Photo Meme

I wanted to post this picture as part of a new meme which is being hosted by my good friend Sweetgirl. I know that she has worked really hard on this project and has been absolutely thrilled with the participation so far. So the idea behind the Fun Theme Photo […]

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caveman brain

My Caveman Brain

Anxiety is something that we all feel and it comes from our caveman brain. It is natural to feel it. It is a good thing and it keeps us safe from danger and helps us to problem solve. But for some anxiety can take over and it can become an […]

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time travel - in white cowboy boots

Slipping in time

I am funny about messing with time. There are things I would change, of course, if I had my time over, but I wouldn’t go back given the choice as I worry that it would affect other things. I think that if you mess with what is or what could […]

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