Are we kinky?

Are we still kinky?

This follows on from my post, Kinky, and actually ties in to my recent post, Ahhhhhh!. I said in my kinky post that sometimes I felt that I wasn’t really kinky anymore and that I wasn’t sure how important that part was to me. Although I wrote that post back in November […]

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Being Nothing - picture of naked woman

Being nothing

Sometimes I want to be nothing.  It is a curious feeling and is part of a fantasy which I sometimes have.  It has only come along in the last few years, since the D/s and the power play has become much more of a formalised thing for us. During a […]

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humiliation emoji


I have wanted to write about humiliation for a while; erotic humiliation that is.  I haven’t for a couple of reasons.  The first is ironic.  I am embarrassed that I am into it.  The second is that what we find a turn on is very personal and very individual and […]

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