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24/7 D/s (what that means to us)

By 24/7 D/s, I mean that the foundations of the Dominant/submissive dynamic are woven throughout our relationship.  These foundations are open communication, honesty, trust, respect and love.  We have made a commitment to one another to be submissive (me) and Dominant (Sir) to one another and this is something we […]

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Starting Out

Starting out on my D/s journey was both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.  Having realised in a lightbulb moment that what I had felt for a long time was because I was (or needed/wanted to be) a submissive, was just the first step.  I still had to […]

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kneeling and submission

Kneeling and submission

At the beginning of our D/s Sir set me a task to work on kneeling and practising breathing and meditation. I was also to train to become proficient in 9 positions of submission so that they became a natural and key part of our power exchange. We have used these […]

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How I Got Here

In 2012, I realised that I was a submissive.  In some ways this came as a bit of a surprise to me; I had always been strong and independent and felt safest when I was in control. In other ways, however, this made perfect sense; the fantasies I felt were […]

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