what sort of submissive am I?

What sort of submissive am I? Reader question

This is a big one: defining and coming to terms with the kind of submissive I am. In some ways, I feel like a little. I often call him “Daddy” as that’s something I called him before we started this, and I fought calling him that as my Dom for […]

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How do I go slow?

How do I go slow without going insane? Reader question

My husband and I are just venturing into the D/s relationship. My type A personality and work don’t make submitting easy outside the bedroom. And his work schedule doesn’t make letting control go easy either. I’m trying to figure out how we take it slow but not go insane! Any […]

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How do I choose a name

How do you choose a name? Reader question

How did your names for each other arise? It’s something I assumed would be organic (and I imagine should be), yet we still have yet to firmly land on names and it makes it feel less official (as silly as they may sound). How do you choose a name? Kate […]

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How do I encourage Dominance

How do I encourage Dominance? Reader question

How do you deal with a partner that struggles in being the Dominant? This issue is weighing on my marriage. I discovered my submissive personality and needs about 2 years into our marriage. We’re 15 years in now. I wasn’t this way when he married me but now I can’t […]

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How do I share my daddy?

How do I share my Daddy? Reader Question

How do I quell my jealous nature when I have to share my Daddy with his daughters? They are adults, but very much Daddy’s girls. I try to be the adult but I am his babygirl of 3 years now and we live together. It is becoming harder for me […]

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How do I talk about my needs?

How do I talk about my needs? Reader Question

I have recently started thinking about the Dom/sub lifestyle. I’ve always liked stuff like that but thought it was wrong or not something I should get aroused or excited about, so I ignored that side of me. Recently my husband showed me his Dom side but I’m sure he thinks […]

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