Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights – A Fantasy for Sir

This is my number 14. As Sir is travelling home today, I wanted him to have something to read. I have long since promised to write out one of my fantasies for him. This is one we have talked about at the later stage so I thought that I would […]

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better together

The 9th & 10th – Better Together

I think it is safe to say that yesterday I had a bit of a crash. It had been building I suppose and due to a combination of factors, it all just fell apart. It wasn’t that I didn’t see it coming but because HisLordship is away, there wasn’t the […]

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No 7 and No 8 – the gifts of time

My instruction for today: On the 7th day your Dom gave to you: on a very busy day for Missy, the gift of time. When you go to bed tonight I want you to lay in bed naked and lightly touch yourself, as you do. I want you to take […]

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missing you - video still from snow patrol turn the fire to the third bar

No. 6 – missing you

Number 6 for our advent calendar was Missing You. I love this song and sent it to HisLordship this morning to let him know how I am feeling being apart from him. I like Snow Patrol anyway and have listened to them since I bought their first album back […]

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Christmas list

It’s the 5th – Christmas List

I was pretty excited when I received details of the gift for today it was a Christmas list. On the 5th day of our advent – Santa always needs a list to help the elves. I would like you to make a list of the sexual things your Dom could […]

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in underwear

No 3 leads No 4 – underwear

Sir’s instructions for the 3rd were to do with my underwear and they were sent by message that morning: Santa’s Sack of Goodies (Part 1).  Before your bedtime today I want you to review all of your underwear. On the bed I want you to arrange the top 5 sets […]

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2017 D/s Advent Caldendar - naked number 2

A fun No.1 and a naked No.2 – D/s Advent 2017

This morning HisLordship left to work overseas again and he won’t be back until the 15th December. We have had a bit of a run of him working away and have tried to do things to keep the close connection we have between us. It has been a challenge though […]

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submissive advent update

Submissive Advent Update

Submissive Advent Calendar update for 2017. Last year I decided to make a submissive advent calendar for HisLordship. This came out of the fact that we had decided not to do much in the way of presents for each other so I thought that giving something small to Sir each […]

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