fun with advent candles

Advent Candles and other fun gifts of the season

I got lost again. Not literally but virtually. We were hit quite badly by the recent storms and lost power and internet. Usually I do most of my writing at the weekend so this threw me off. When we did get back in our virtual world I was then behind with my Christmas shopping etc so it has taken me a while to get back to normality and have some fun. December has always been such a busy month for me. That was one of the reasons I started my submissive advent calendar but it is also the reason why I often find it so hard to keep to the tasks.

This year is no exception. We did a community version last year for the first time and, thankfully, when we decided back in October to do another one, I wrote it all up and did the admin. This means that some of our friends over at the SWC are doing a fabulous job with posting updates of their tasks, but HL and I are slacking somewhat in comparison. We have managed some, but others are, as they say, in the bank. I do think it is important not to beat myself up about this. After all it is meant to be fun and I am a great believer in doing things for a purpose.

While writing a blog post or taking a picture can be a purpose in itself, I have always wanted there to be more behind the things that we do. I would rather wait until something can be given the attention it deserves, that done for the sake of appearances. If you would like to see the tasks I came up with, or play along, then head here for the complete list, but to see what we have been up to (or not) so far, keep reading. If it makes it better, we do intend to keep going and I am hoping that where there is a will there is a way, as there is definitely a will on both sides.

1. Advent Candles. Candles mark the start of advent so today is all about wax play. Create a festive design or just have fun.

We had some fun with wax for this one, as you can see from the image below. I am never really sure about wax play and whether or not I enjoy it. I think that it is something, a bit like rope, that we need to devote some time to so that we can give it a real shot. It is always easy to dismiss things as there is so much that we have in terms of play that we enjoy, but it may be that we have been too hasty and that we have missed something.

We use massage candles and they are nice for building a connection and as part of some sensory play, but the candles we used for this image ran much hotter. I think we probably built things up too quickly so there was an element of enduring it rather than enjoying it. I felt that the candle was much hotter than other times we have done wax play, although I think that possibly I wasn’t as prepared and ready as I could have been. That said, I do quite like the image that we took and think it looks quite warm and sensual so I am not ready to write it off quite yet!

fun with advent candles

2. Eastern Promise of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Today’s gift is a massage with oil. Complete the task in any way that suits you but remember to let us know what you got up to.

We did better with this one. I thought I would be asked to massage HL but luckily for me, he had other ideas. I have been super busy at work. I have a lot on and some new projects so my head is buzzing. He decided to make me switch off a bit and that worked really well. I am lucky really that my body tends not to have too many aches and pains, and in addition I don’t usually feel physically that tense when I am stressed so I don’t get very knotted up.

This means that what I enjoy about a massage is the touch and the connection. We were just out of the bath, both naked, and HL was sort of sitting astride me. As he worked the oil into my skin I could feel his cock growing harder and sort of bobbing on and off my legs. This continued up to the point that it was actually pushing into me as he pressed his hands and fingers into the flesh on my back and neck. The inevitable happened and the massage ended, replaced by a nice fucking and an orgasm for each of us. A massage with trimmings I guess you would say!

3. Wrapped up Nicely. Everything needs to be kept fresh for Christmas, however, cling film has other uses! Why not try some mummification or use more traditional wrapping to present yourself as a Christmas gift.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to this one. Life took over somewhat and so we have a rain check on wrapping. Not to worry. This will definitely be something to look forward to.

4. Christmas Date Night. What could be better than to kink start the festivities this weekend with a Christmas themed date night. We can’t wait to hear about what fun you had.

Ahhh. So this was foiled. We were all set to go with a great D/s date night when one of the children came home suddenly. As we waited at the train station for collection, HL promised that my next date would be somewhere sexier. I have to say, I can’t wait!

5. Naked Bake. The festive season is all about indulging and what could be more fun than adding a little bit of kinky spice to the preparations? If naked baking is not for you, then why not turn yourself into a festive treat to be enjoyed instead.

Well the baking happened but the nakedness was before and after due to our aforementioned visitor. I still think the element of nakedness, combined with baking, is a fun one and we will get to explore it again at another point. Any relationship has to be able to adapt to changes in circumstances and, at the end of the day, what we had planned was about connecting and enjoying each other. There has been a lot of adaptability required recently but we have talked and touched and kept each other close so it feels like we are going into the festive season in fine fettle regardless.

I also think it is important not to make a rod for your own back, so I am not going to let the fact that some of these tasks haven’t been carried out as planned stop me. If you are playing along then I hope you employ that approach too and just dip in and out as and when you find the time. After all, it is meant to be fun!

If you do decide to join in and post about your experience then please add to the forums on The SafeworD/s Club, and link back to us using the badge above.

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  1. Such fun ideas! I have always wanted to do a sexy advent calendar, but never have the time in the craziness of the holidays. I really must note your ideas this year to keep for future use. Thank you for sharing this, Missy!!! XOXO

  2. I think it’s great that you have given yourselves a fun way to focus on each other during this hectic season. Sometimes foiled plans don’t matter so much when the point is just to *make* plans to begin with. 🙂

    We’ve been getting hit with storms pretty much back to back since mid-October, with the worst (so far) coming in mid-November. So I can relate to the lost power and to the falling behind that can happen as a result. I hope your weather has settled down a bit and that you will be able to settle down soon too — relaxation is so SO important.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. While you didn’t get it all done, I think that’s A-OK! You made a plan, but even some plans don’t take effect. I still love that you were able to do some. And the photo is amazing!

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