The Vampire Women – Secrets of the Baobhan Sith

Having hunted all day, the men took shelter in the bothy as planned. They had feasted on a couple of rabbits and sat around the small fire, keeping cosy with a flagon of wine. The laughed together as men will do, outbidding each other with their tales of bravery and bravado. I suppose that the competition between them, and the male company, allowed the blood to begin to rise within them, and they cried out for their need for women.

It is a foolish thing to tempt the lore at night without holy protection, as life has an odd way of bringing the wishes to you, but as I said, these men were fools and they were hardy with the hunt and the spirit inside them. And so when the women came to their door, they seemed not to show the fear they might have felt at such chance a happening so far into the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands.

For they were beautiful, the women, and the men, so foolhardy, seemed to feel they were beholden to entertain them in a variety of ways. Their arms reached and grabbed in their drunken state, but the women, so nimble, danced between them, the green of their cloaks evading the hungry grasp of each man. And so, entranced by these strange women, the men simply watched. The women moved in a way they had never seen before. It was a dance, of course, but one which oozed passion and sex like the men had only dreamt of.

Each movement seemed to set the men on fire as they leched, desirous of what they couldn’t quite seem to seize. The music of lust that played in the head of each man, was merely the echo of the heartbeat of the woman he chased, growing faster as her fervour grew. And as the men succumbed slowly to the rhythm of the women, the pulse grew stronger and intensified within them. These women, who happened upon fate, had spent so long starving for the sustenance they needed. Hidden from the light by day, and left to wait for circumstance by night, they were now completely released.

As the women moved, they felt themselves desperate to consume the mortal creatures. Their hearts, initially drawn to each man, now beat as one together. They felt the heat from one another coursing through their veins as their ravenous need finally took over. Each moved in to kiss their victim, at the last moment shifting to quickly slit open their throat. With a frenzied fervour they fed, ripping open each heart to devour upon it, in a state of raptured euphoria. The vampire women ravished the men, in the same way the men had hoped to ravish the Baobhan Sith, and the moment was intoxicating.

The vampire women

According to Scottish Folklore, The Baobhan Sith, or Spirit Women, are a breed of vampire. They usually appear as small groups of bewitching women, dressed in flowing green cloaks that hide the deer hooves they have instead of feet. Highland tales recount how the Baobhan Sith entrance men with their dancing, before sinking their fangs into them.

‘The Vampire Women – Secrets of the Baobhan Sith’ is one of my twisted myths and legends. I am proud of the rich culture of Scotland and enjoy bringing some of these old tales back out into the light of day, with my own twist of course. If you have enjoyed this tale then you might want to check out some of my other twisted myths and legends. Or to see who else is writing about vampires and werewolves, click on the badge below for Wicked Wednesday.

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  1. A tale well told – it brought Burn’s Tam O’Shanter to mind though that a had a happier outcome than the well deserved end for these sorry examples of manhood

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