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Mirror Scene ~ tell me what you see

Last night we played with our friends via video link. Actually, we played with our respective partners but there was engagement across the couples and what we did was mirrored by the other. I don’t know if this has a name but we have called it a mirror scene due to the fact that we mirrored each other’s play on camera. This was novel and pretty effective. It is always quite arousing for us to see and hear each other play, but it also helps to continue the intimacy and connection that we have established when playing together in person.

The planning and the warm up

The mirror scene had been negotiated and planned by the two Doms and the idea was that the action would be carried our by each couple simultaneously, whilst we watched each other. We began with a catch up with each other. This helps as it feels more natural and less as if you are thrown right in. Sometimes that can be for the best, such as the time when I was on display (more on that in a post to come) as it means that I can get right down deep into my submissive headspace. This is caused initially by the discomfort of the situation, and then the continued humiliation, which forms part of the scene, keeps me there.

Other times, like last night, feeling comfortable and connected on an emotional level to each other, as well as to HL, can be really helpful. After we had chatted a bit, we shifted so that we could connect with our partners. This was nice and we spent time kissing and touching and enjoying each other. It was also a starter for what happened next. HL told me to suck his cock whilst keeping my eyes on the screen. They were doing the same thing. This was strangely erotic. I don’t think I have ever sucked a cock while watching another girl do the same to someone else.

Seeing myself in another

I found myself emulating some of what gem was doing. It felt naughty in some senses, where it wouldn’t usually, but it was almost like I could see myself in her. I am not visually stacked so my usual is to get lost in my thoughts and be much less present than this required. It was interesting though to almost see what HL (and others) must see. I also felt a connection with gem on a submissive level, both put to servicing our masters like this. So it ticked the boxes in quite a few ways.

These days, HL tries to incorporate some erotic humiliation into our play, so while this wasn’t the focus of the scene this time, he still managed to sneak some in. I had to face the screen, looking at gem, while we each had a butt plug inserted. Again this was really effective. The anticipation seemed greater somehow, as I could see what PS was doing on the other side. I could see gem’s face change and this added to the build up for me. I was asked by PS to describe what was happening to me too so I was starting to curl up inside a bit.

And a little bit of humiliation, of course

Obviously I had a pretty good idea what was coming, so my delight at gem being made to show us her plug was tempered with the knowledge that I would have to do the same. To add to my humiliation HL had chosen one of the plugs with bells attached so he made me wiggle my bum at the camera to make it ring. In fact, the ringing sound continued with my every movement, which is always good for my headspace as it is a constant reminder that I am plugged.

We then played for a little bit with our partners again before moving on to the next mirrored activity which involved building to orgasm with a clit sucker. This was pretty intense, not just the sensations, but again, watching what was happening on the screen. The fact that it echoed what we were doing gave it that feeling that I was watching myself again. It also felt hot to be watching PS and gem and there was a real sense of intimacy from being able to share in such private moments.

A grand finale and some other thoughts

As the mirror scene built to a finale, I think we both went off piste a bit finding what worked best for ourselves. It was exciting to be able to look at the screen and watch what was happening in another room at the same time as enjoying the sensations I was feeling. I am not used to being so present in play. It is hard to describe but as I become more and more lost, I feel less and less as if I am actually there. It becomes about my pleasure and responding to that, so usually I sort of lose sense of space and time.

Being on camera and watching PS and gem, as well as seeing myself and HL in a small box in the corner, changed that. It definitely took me into my submissive headspace but in a different sort of way than when I am lost in my own pleasure. I felt very self aware and very grounded in that moment. Usually I am focussed on HL and him only but this time there were PS and gem to think about too so that added a layer to the play in terms of the way in which it was experienced.

All in all, the mirror scene went well and I imagine it is something that will be revisited at some point. The fact that we have done this sort of play in person, as well as on camera for each other before, definitely helped the nerves and made it feel more relaxed and natural. It is no replacement for being together in person of course, but the possibility of having play partners with you in your bedroom is really rather cool and something I am glad that we are experimenting more with.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your thoughts on play and ofcourse I enjoyed it live too. It was a great idea that really built on the connection to one another. Although I differ from you as I enjoy visual stimulus immensely and it adds a very ‘naughty’ erotic level for me, I can certainly relate to having a lot of the same thoughts as you Missy.

  2. Thank you for writing about this, Missy. I can only imagine how special it must be to watch something happening on the screen that is being done to you at the very same time. The sensations must be incredible!
    ~ Marie xox

    • It was really interesting actually. Probably not what I would have imagined although this came from HLs imagining and not mine so I wasn’t sure what to expect. There is a sort of weird detachment somehow. Pretty cool actually. Thank you. Missy x

  3. I really enjoy reading your thoughts on this scene. It was a lot of fun to do and I did like the bell plug that HL used to give a little jingle. It certainly added a different dimension having simultaneous play, especially when I’m watching you suck cock whilst feeling those sensations myself

  4. Probably it’s almost like a group game, but with its own nuances. The beauty is that you can play with those who are at a distance. But there are also disadvantages. You can’t touch it, you can’t smell it, your view may be limited. But it’s still better than nothing.

    • I think there are really nice aspects of it and, as you say, some which are not there but create a desire to explore them. Missy x

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