Endings and beginnings

The Beauty of Endings and Beginnings

The change of seasons always marks the ending of one thing but the beginning of something else. As autumn shifts into winter I have a strong sense of both the endings and the beginnings this time. I wonder if this is due partly to the fact that the period of change HL and I have entered due to the family moving out has embedded itself and feels more like a permanent thing. It has certainly meant the close of a chapter and the opening up of opportunities within a new one.

And we have taken a while to adjust. It didn’t feel quite real initially and we continued the same as before, noticing what was different in a way which made it feel quite unfamiliar. I wonder if we were a little lost. Finding our new feet as it were. But as nature moves gradually into the change, so do we. We try it out for size and before we know it, the shift has been made. The ending of something and the beginning of something new.

Endings and beginnings

Even the most beautiful legs end somewhere

Julian Tuwim

The prompt for the erotic photograph this time was about the light in winter and the difference it can make to a picture in black and white. I do like the way that the light from the window falls across my legs in this image. And, like anything else, legs have to end somewhere, which of course, marks the beginning of something else! I am not sure how well this fits with the idea of endings and beginnings but if does fall in with the idea of seeing beauty in different things.

I am also really pleased that HL has agreed to take on hosting Monochromerotic. I felt sad that it might come to an close, and the hard work of Gem and those who have taken part over the last 56 prompts, would become another ending. For me this is an important new beginning and seems to fall in with the changes in our D/s dynamic where things have stepped up quite a bit. We have been through so much change the last few years, not all of it positive and it feels nice that this change is gentle and wanted, rather than being the sudden type that makes you want to turn the clocks back.

So here’s to endings and beginnings, and the slow shift of one to another in a way which allows us to enjoy the beauty of both.

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  1. Here the starting point matters: what is considered the beginning and what is the end. But in any case, the legs are beautiful.

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