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Saturday Night ~ a Ladder, a Flogger and a Whip

Our focus on impact play continued this weekend, aided by the use of a ladder. Having become reacquainted with the crop a couple of weeks ago, the implements selected this time were the flogger and the dragon-tail whip. I have oft been heard to say that I don’t get flogging. It is fine of course but it was like the excitement that others feel was somehow missed for me. I found it too cold and we never really found a position that we liked. It was pleasant enough, but with the exception of our pussy flogger, I just didn’t get the hype.

So tell me about the ladder?

Well the ladder really came about by chance. HL said the other week that he was going to use the flogger and the whip, and that he would secure me to a rope hung over the bannister. I asked him why – we have a perfectly serviceable ceiling hook so it seemed an odd choice. He explained the need for space and that the bedroom (where the hook is located) doesn’t leave him enough space to get a good swing going. Part of this may be the fact that our newly empty nest provides more play locations than when most of the rooms were occupied by baby birds. Novelty value I wondered?

If you know HL then you will know that he is handy, and so I jokingly asked him why he didn’t just make a St Andrew’s cross. He didn’t have the wood but the conversation shifted to why the cross was the ideal shape. “I don’t see why we don’t just use a ladder”, I said, explaining to him how I saw it working when his confused face showed what he felt about that suggestion. He came to see my way of thinking, however, and by the time I returned from my dog walk, part of a newly sanded wooden ladder was positioned ominously in the kitchen!

I was caught by my own words

Eeek, I thought, the sub’s reaction shifting things inside me a bit. Why did I speak up? Will I like it? What have I done? Why don’t I text gem? You probably know how that part goes! Anyway, it was too late for me. I was caught. I knew that at some point soon, I would be positioned against that ladder, quite literally feeling the fall and lick of my own words. Suddenly I was a little less brave, a little less imaginative in finding ways to earn myself a beating, but what is done is done and so I pushed the thoughts away and made some scones instead. I pretended I had not noticed the ladder.

It was actually a few days, and scenes, later that the ladder came into play. I have to say that it worked pretty well. We set it against the wall at about a 25 degree angle and I leant against it, face forward. I was allowed to wear shoes (isn’t life always sexier in a nice pair of shoes?) but nothing apart from that. My feet were either side of the ladder and my chin fitted, conveniently, on one of the upper rungs. It was as if it had been tailor made for me! HL secured my hands using our suspension cuffs to one of the higher rungs and declared that I was ready.

The flogging went quite well

Previously we have tended to use a couple of positions for flogging, neither of which have worked brilliantly. One has been to have me laying across the bed, or over a piece of furniture, which made things awkward for HL to get a good swing and rhythm going. More often I have been stood up. This has been much better in terms of position for HL, but what can I say, I am a lazy sub and to hold my own weight feels like a bind. I do it of course, I am a good girl you know, but it detracts from the overall experience as I feel heavy and too present to get lost in the sensations.

Being on my ladder was so much better. I didn’t feel my body the same way and so there was nothing to pull me back. I was free to focus on HL’s words and the thud of the flogger falls on my back and shoulders and bum. Most attention was paid to my upper body as I still had some pretty good bruises left from the howler which he had used a couple of days before. (You can see how the focus on impact play is working out for me now I think). But I was getting it. Suddenly I could understand why people liked this and what they got from it.

I was lost to the rhythm and the sensation

HL started out softer but soon picked up the pace. The flogger we have is large and heavy with deer skin falls. While the vegan in me is clearly crying out about that, the sub in me is calling for more and arguing that we have it now so I may as well enjoy it as I do my leather boots! Anyway less on that and more about being flogged on my ladder. He ranked it up a notch again in terms of force and speed and I could feel myself really starting to get into it. He was telling me about the marks it left and I could hear his voice start to change as he allowed his need to push me to take hold.

I was able to push my bum out towards him to meet the blows and there was enough ability to move with the impact as my back felt the force. The cold air that had distracted me on previous occasions became a cooling breeze on my reddened skin that felt welcome rather than unwanted. It sounds silly, but somewhere deep down I felt like a real sub. I know of course that there is not such a thing but it felt like finally I was able to enjoy something that I had long since associated with BDSM play, but never felt was for me before.

Then came the whip

The dragon tail is quite another beast altogether. While the flogger is thuddy, the whip is stingy in the extreme. It is much more cutting and pretty much takes me breath away. HL seemed to be responding to my gasps and the curling of my fingers around the suspension cuffs and, again, he told me how nice the marks were on my skin. There was a wraparound of pain in a similar way as with the cane and the sensation stung across the path where the dragon tail had made contact for some time after the lick had ended.

I was fortunate that HL didn’t allow the falls to come thick and fast and took time to rub the marks and touch me intimately now and then. This gave me a chance to keep up with him and he was able to layer the play in a way which meant that my tolerance could build slowly. When he said that he wanted two final dragon marks which would be harder, I was ready to agree to that as a grand finale. I braced myself and felt the whip slice at my skin and set it on fire for him.

Released from my ladder

I was able to feel that I done well and met his need. While our play usually turns quite sexual pretty soon into the scene, the positioning and the implements of this time meant that it was less so as it was more focussed on the impact. I wasn’t sure how that would be but actually it worked really well as when we moved onto the bed it felt warm and loving as we were desperate for that intimate contact. All in all it was a really positive experience and I think we both took a lot from it.

I can recommend ladder play. If you don’t have a cross to hand then it can be used to provide a secure and safe way for a lazy sub to be positioned for flogging and whipping. We (I mean HL) will make some alterations based on what we found. Although the ladder didn’t move during play, he wants to add some rubber feet for extra security. I also asked it it was possible to have a padded rung where my chin went so that I could rest it more gently. I think we will paint it so that it looks more dungeony too. Maybe a dark red and a matt black would work well?

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. What a brilliant idea, a ladder. Sounds like this play was really wonderful, for several reasons 🙂
    And yes, I think red and black will really work well together!
    ~ Marie xox

    • Thanks Marie. It just came from a bit of silliness but often the best things do. I will send you a picture once the painting is done. Missy x

  2. I know exactly what you mean, finding the right position is a pain in the posterior! Standing isn’t possible for me, and ladders are also out (ours are metal) but this seems to have worked for you perfectly!

    Sweet x

  3. sounds like fun missy – We have used wooden beams to tie me to, when they have been in a room with a lot of space – although cant get an angle on that – but worked well anyhow
    May xx

    • We had beams in a holiday place we rented and they were a lot of fun! I like the fact they are natural and part of the environment too but this was good for play even if it went back to the garage afterwards. Missy x

  4. I think the effort put into perfecting it will pay off the next time you use it and you won’t have to divert your sexual thoughts to worry about the possible movement of the stairs.

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