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Bloodlust and Photography

Bloodlust and photography

Taking erotic photography has been a focus for us for a while now. It is something that we both enjoy and get quite a bit from. Sometimes I will take pictures myself and, more often, it will be a joint thing. We have learnt quite a bit about what works and more of the many images taken are considered keepers these days than when we started out, which feels really positive. Recently we did a series of ‘Bloodlust’ pictures for a Halloween event at The SafeworD/s Club and the end results were suitably gruesome.

Most of the images HL takes are for personal use as they are far too revealing, in a number of ways, to share online. I had said that I wanted to join in with the Halloween theme on Monochromerotic though so have edited this image to fit. Taking pictures together is not just nice in that we are focussed on working together on a project. With HL as photographer I am forced to trust him and follow his direction so it works well for my submissive mindset too.

My issues around my body mean that even though it might appear that taking the photos is no problem, it still pushes me as much as it did into a place where I am able to cope with representing myself in this way. The fear of how I will appear to others is still huge and with that comes the chance of rejection, or mockery, or worse. I do know that this is about the way my head is stacked, more than the reality, but it means that I have to let go of myself in order to take them.

For very different reasons, taking images of me that he finds erotic has a similar effect on HL’s Dominance. I think it is probably the combination of complete focus, having to direct me so that I am doing exactly what he says, and the fact that he tends to have me wearing very little, if anything. He chooses poses which he finds arousing and so the end result of a photography session is often something sexual.

The bloody pictures we took definitely brought out something primal in him and as soon as he had his final shots, he set the camera to record and decided to take what was his. He was rough from the outset and his desire was palpable. Although we were only using stage blood it also changed how I felt. I was messy and dirty and had become a bit lost in taking the pictures to towards the end anyway. We had taken a series of ‘lusty’ ones with me touching myself and dancing, so we were both aroused and needy.

When things are like this there are no niceties. There is very little discussion. He will push or shove me, positioning my body in the way he wants me. We are probably noisier too, as the out-pouring of the way we feel is a release. He was harsh with me and I didn’t care. There was a sense of abandon, a sense that we had both become what we were pretending to be and, like two blood crazed vampires, we fucked hard. We definitely enjoyed our bloodlust and photography and I feel there could be more in the way of a vampire scene in the future!

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  1. I’ve followed your journey for some time. This past month or so, you are moving forward in many ways. Maybe it has been spurred by your recent visit with friends, or the pandemic improving, but the pictures, the shorts you write, everything has been really hot. I’m enamored with the whole thing.

    • Oh wow. Thank you Tom. You have made my day. I also think having the house to ourselves more has allowed us to step things up a bit and begin to explore further and go deeper with things. It felt quite restricting for HL thinking that he could be heard all the time and there is more opportunity now which is great. Missy x

  2. It’s so hot to read, so hot to imagine him taking you so eagerly and I love that you got lost in his need to take you. Yay for being loud too, hope you’re making good use of that empty house.

  3. I recognized the connection between the two of you from the days Master T still took my images. It’s lovely. That said, I absolutely love this picture. Definitely bloodlust here 😉
    ~ Marie xox

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