Kept on a Leash

Kept on a leash

Kept on a Leash

He kept her on a leash, not because he saw her as being lower or less than him, but because he was more certain of her value than he had ever been about anything. 

It wasn’t because he thought that she might run either. She was so very obedient and rarely wanted to leave his side; she adored him.

It wasn’t that he planned to tame her and squash her wild nature. He had spent time cultivating that part of her and took full advantage of it whenever he could.  

Neither was it a sign that she required training, for they moved seamlessly together, and he was confident that she was more than willing to follow wherever he chose to lead. 

No. It was a sign that she meant more to him than anything. It was an act of ownership but one also of love, desire, and the deepest respect. It was a sign that she was his and, that in accepting her, he had given himself too. 

The leash symbolised their love and the depth of their commitment to each other. It was more than just a leash, it was an outward expression of who and what they were. 

200 words

‘Kept on a Leash’ is on of my Saturday Shorts. If you want to join in and do your own Saturday Short then please just leave your link in the comments section of the post and I will come and visit you. Feel free to use the badge.

The idea with the shorts is to produce a piece of writing which is as short as possible in order to tell your story. I limit myself to between 100 and 300 words, using increments of 50 only in order to force some additional discipline! The stimulus for my piece each week comes from a picture.

The image for this post was taken by Purple Sole during our weekend away, so credit to him for it. To see more images please head over to Monochromerotic and check them out.

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  1. Hi…here is a link to my own post on this topic for Saturday Shorts…I couldn’t find the logo you were referring to. What is best practice to promote this? Do I post it on Twitter with a. particular tag?

    • Thanks for leaving your link. By logo I only meant the badge above but it’s totally optional. It’s not a proper meme so feel free to use or not as you fancy. Missy x

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