Reasons to become reacquainted with the crop

There are many good reasons for using a crop. I think we had forgotten one or two of them along the way, but a good scene focussed around the crop the other day soon sorted that. One of the main reasons for not using it much the past while has been the noise it makes. It is great if you are on your own, but if you have company who aren’t aware of your kinky predilections, it is less of an ideal choice.

A Satisfying Slapping Sound

So assuming you want to make a noise, the crop is good as far as impact toys go as it gives a really satisfying slapping sound. It doesn’t have the scary whistle of the cane and is much louder when it makes contact due to the sort of floppy leather end. It is also not muffled by the skin like the paddle is so it makes for a more dramatic form of impact. I actually really enjoy this part of it now that we are able to make some noise. I have spent so long being silent and it makes me more inclined to make noises in response, which is something that HL enjoys and I have noticed that it seems to encourage him.

Some Great Marks

The crop leaves really good marks. Not only does it pink up the skin pretty well, it also leaves a distinct pink mark in the same shape as the end of the crop you are using, so it can look quite pretty. Generally speaking, the larger the leather tongue at the end (also known as the keeper) the larger the mark you will leave. However, the thinner the tongue, the harsher the slap will feel as it is concentrated more on one area, so the pinkness might last for longer. This will all depend on the force used of course.

For me, I do like marks and I am quite happy to carry around some badges of honour. In my experience, the marks made from a good cropping don’t tend to last all that long as it is designed not to break the skin or even bruise it. The idea was to tame the horse and show it who was boss, not to do any long term damage, so it is difficult to more than intended with a crop. This often makes it a good starter toy as sometimes people are not sure how much hurt they are ok to deliver or take. Cleary personal tolerance will come into this.

Slappy not stingy or thuddy

Generally, the wider the implement the more thuddy the sensation when it makes impact and the narrower the implement, the more stingy it is. While the end of a crop varies greatly according to design, I would say that they tend to be more thuddy like a flogger or a paddle, than stingy like a whip or a cane. Each implement varies so it is important to choose one that works best for you. I much prefer thuddy to stingy but some are the other way around and others like both sensations equally. It is always good to experiment and work out what you prefer as this will affect the tolerance that you have when using the toy.

I love something really thuddy, like our Howler, which basically feels like being punched. Our crop is nothing like this, but neither does it have the sting or the wraparound of our cane. I would describe the sensation as more slappy thank stingy or thuddy, and by this I suppose it feels more like a hand might do. Although it covers a smaller area than HL’s large hand would, the sensation sits on the top of the skin and extends out, rather than feeling like it is going deep down into the tissue.

Giving and receiving

The crop works well for us as I am able to tolerate what HL gives. We discussed this after the recent scene as it seemed that he was hitting me harder than he often did. It is easy for me to take a lot with the crop as it is milder than some of the other impact toys we use, so that is another advantage to HL. When he gets in his top space he likes to hurt me but when we discussed this, it is more about the physical feeling for him than the emotional one. He doesn’t want to see me cry and break me per se, although he does get a thrill from knowing I will take a lot of pain for him.

More he wants to feel his own muscles strain and allow himself to give it all he has. He is a big guy and is pretty strong so he usually holds back. It has been a journey to explore where the lines are for us in terms of his strength and my tolerance; to find a place where we can sit that meets his needs and I can manage has been ongoing. The crop is a good tool from HL to really let go with, as he is less likely to do me serious damage than with some of the other toys we own.

Final Thoughts

All in all it was a good scene the other day and a good reminder that there are things in the toy cupboard that we should get out more. We have a focus on impact play at the moment as we want to learn more about where the boundaries are for us and find things that really hit the spot. These things are always changing, so I expect I will write a bit more about this in the weeks and months to come. What I do find is that using a toy on my clit when the blows get more intense can really help me to get into the pain and allow it to work positively with the pleasure.

So while it might start out about wanting to take it for HL to meet his needs, it is something that I am drawn into as well. I have orgasmed before from impact play alone but this would not happen often. I have also started to drift a bit with spanking and with the cane where I can become very relaxed, but I have not yet entered the sort of sub space that I would from a forced orgasm scene, for example. It will be interesting to see if this changes the more we experiment with toys such as the crop in the future.


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  1. Having the opportunity to be just the two of you, you can experiment with different toys, including those that make quite loud sounds. Not all couples can afford this luxury.

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