Being shared with another dominant

Being shared with another Dominant

Shared with another Dominant

“You are such a good submissive. I know that you want to please me and do these things for me but tonight I am going to ask more from you. Tonight I would like to share you.”

He watched her face and saw her hesitation. They had discussed it, of course, but things were always quite different in the making. He knew this would push her. He knew it in his head and he saw it with his eyes.

His cock twitched.

“I will be with you, of course. I will still be your Dom but I want to see another man dominate you too. I want to watch your reactions as he plays with you, and I want to watch his reactions as he discovers you. Do you think you can do that for me?”

She wanted to speak clearly and with confidence, but when her voice came it was only a whisper.

“Yes, Sir.”

She wasn’t doing anything she didn’t want to do but it still felt huge to her. She curled inside at the thought of him seeing her intimately, seeing her exposed. She wondered if she could go through with it but at the same time she felt the dampness creep between her legs. She was very turned on. She wanted this, for him and for herself. But she needed him to push her. She needed him to make her let go and take her down this new road.

He lifted her head to make eye contact again then. He pushed one knee between hers, pushing her legs apart. She gasped as he thrust two fingers deep inside her, fucking her with them, hard.

“It will be ok. I will be with you all the time. Just focus on my voice and be my good girl.”

300 words

While ‘Being shared with another Dominant’ is a piece of flash fiction in that is it one of my Saturday Shorts, me being shared with another Dominant is something that HL has wanted to do for some time. It is actually something that we have been exploring for a while so more on that later!

The idea with the shorts is to produce a piece of writing which is as short as possible in order to tell your story. I limit myself to between 100 and 300 words, using increments of 50 only in order to force some additional discipline! The stimulus for my piece each week comes from a picture.

If you want to join in and do your own Saturday Short then please just leave your link in the comments section of my post that week and I will come and visit you. Feel free to use the badge.

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  1. I love this photo Missy, you look beautiful on a leash. I really enjoy the build up in your writing and can relate to the feelings you describe so well.

  2. I’m with Gem, the image is really beautiful (and hot!)
    When Sir is away (and restrictions are lifted) I’ve not been able to submit to another dominant, not in the way that I do with sir. But even though I know it would be a struggle, in this situation I’d be submitting to sirs wishes and I do wonder what it would be like.

    I hope you both get to enjoy this scenario. It sounds like, perhaps, you may already be finding your way with it. N xx

    • Thanks N. I think it would feel totally different if it wasn’t part of my submission to HL. I am not sure I would be ready for those feeling or manage them well to be honest. It feels like baby steps for us but we are enjoying them and it is good to have opportunities to explore in a way which feels safe and at the right pace for us. Missy x

  3. I have wanted this scenario myself for awhile now. I think it’s good to be under His influence, while also under another’s I fluency too. It creates a heightened sense of submissiveness, and instills more discipline too. Great post!

    • Thanks Marie. It is great to hear from you and I hope that things are good with you. It took me a while to get to this point but not the idea of two Dominants working together I a turn on for me. I like the way they spark off each other and the fact I feel vulnerable with no where to turn. Missy x

  4. I love reading the journey and the feelings you have as this develops, it certainly is exciting and I hope there’s more to come. I do love this image, your head being tilted up, it’s so erotically sexy

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