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When orgasms hurt ~ what happens when orgasms are forced

Forced orgasms happen when the stimulation used to bring about an orgasm is continually applied. I can only speak for the techniques that HL uses on me but it most often is done using a wand directly on my clit. Forced orgasms hurt. But they also bring intense pleasure and push me into sub-space so the hurt that I feel is more like the pain used in types of play which heightens pleasure. I know that not everyone will respond in the same way as there are so many anatomical variations which seem to affect what we enjoy and what works. But I wanted to explain what happens for me.

When do orgasms hurt?

Mostly they don’t. Mostly orgasms are pleasurable in the extreme, even if the build up has been long and drawn out and you have been edged over and over. They are a final release after teetering on the brink of a moment you never want to end. But when the stimulation is continued it can feel excruaciating. The way my body works, it becomes highly sensitive at the point when I am orgasming.

This happens during masturbation too and I will automatically reduce the pressure in order to ride the waves of pleasure. If I am using one of the clit sucking type toys this is especially the case and I will need to either remove it, or turn it down quickly so that it is more of a rumble. To continue with stimulation at this point feels so intense it doesn’t seem manageable. But like any boundary it can be pushed and if I can manage the pain until I push past it, the pleasure returns.

So why would I want this?

Well usually we would play and there would be a couple of orgasms involved. That feels good but not necessarily intense. Forced orgasms are intense. They push me right to the edge of what is bearable and what is not. They take me to a place where I have to give in totally to what is happening. I can’t control even my response to pleasure or pain and so I am pushed out of myself.

Being able to give up control is the crux of why I want to submit. It allows me to escape from the thoughts that occupy my head during my waking moments and feel free and calm and at peace. For someone to make me give up control in such an obvious way turns me on. A confident Dominant who will tell me what they are going to do to me and what my reaction will be, and then make it happen, will hold the key to my submission.

What do forced orgasms feel like?

It feels amazing and confusing and like nothing else I have ever felt or can feel any other way than through D/s play. Although it can be excruciating to be over stimulated to the point that you have to give in to it and stop trying to fight your physical and mental response to that stimulation, it is always laced with such intense pleasure. While you rock in and out of ecstasy there is little time to make sense of what is happening. You are coming and then you are writhing around begging for it to stop.

Then you give in a little to it and try not to feel, maybe with distraction as you would from pain, and the next thing you know your body is seeking out that pleasure again and chasing the next orgasm. While you are still thinking you wonder how it is happening. You doubt your ability to come again as your energy feels beyond depleted but you feel yourself responding despite that. In the end, the body’s responses take over and your mind has no choice but to be pulled along with it, and then ultimately, cast aside.

What happens when you are over stimulated like this?

This leads me to subspace as I sort of detach from myself so that I can go with the sensation. Trying to remain in a place where I can focus on my cognition and process becomes impossible and I have to allow HL to direct me in every way. I become very corporeal and it is almost as if my head is set apart from my body so that I can become just sensation without having to process it.

If I was to measure on a scale where I rated the pleasure out of 10, the climb initially would be from 1-10. As time passes, and the orgasms are forced over and over, the gap becomes smaller so I am never returning to 1 but maybe to 5, then 6, then 7 etc. By the end I am sort of rocking on that pleasure scale from 10 then only back to a 9 and then back to 10 and on and on. This leads to being in an almost continual orgasmic state even when play has ended. Basically, by the end, if HL touches me I will come again.

How do you force orgasms?

Clearly it is HL who works the magic but it tends to be a blend of Dominance and stimulation. This works as it engages the mind and the body. For some, perhaps the physical alone would work but I am one of those people for whom the mind is a big part. Take control of that and my body will follow! Anyway he uses his Dominance to let me know that he is in control and to remind me of that. I am in the process of writing about this for another post so I will link it when complete.

In terms of the physical he will use the wand on my clit to being me slowly to orgasm. When I have come he will pull it back for a bit or turn it down and then when he is ready he will ramp things back up to bring it on again. He usually tells me before the first one that I can come but he warns me that after that I will have no choice and that he won’t stop.

He continues to use the wand and, as with impact play, increases the level of stimulation and the demands he is making on me. The gaps or breaks become shorter as the impact would become heavier and he layers each orgasm one upon the other. He will touch my body and often has me restrained either physically, or by honour, as I will not be allowed to move too much or push the wand away.

A final word

For us, forced orgasms work really well. I think a forced orgasm scene was the first real scene that we did and it is one we return to quite regularly. It has always been a good way to bring me to subspace and this is not something that happens for me through impact or pain alone. I can find my way to a submissive headspace through humiliation but that is something different again. The sort of floaty sensation coming from the overload of endorphins tends mostly to come from this type of scene, or at least one like electric where the pleasure and pain is combined and layered.

If you want to read more about an orgasm scene then I have written about it here. For more on other types of orgasms you might want to check out my other orgasm posts below.

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  1. There’s one thing Master T always did – when I was too sensitive after my last orgasm, he would force one more from me. Always with his fingers, and telling me to keep my legs spread, which was SO difficult. Yes, that hurt, but the pain always turned to something resembling pleasure, and I always climaxed again. Only once he did it with the wand, in combination with a forced orgasm belt. No escaping that!
    ~ Marie xox

    • There was probably no escaping anyway but the physical restraint does feel different doesn’t it. I think I maybe fight it more for some reason x

  2. We know I’ve reached the very end when I laugh. The pain is so intense that I will laugh uncontrollably.

    • YES. I have done that too. Hysterical laughter it was as well. I suppose it is like some people crying in subspace as I have heard of others who laughs x

  3. I quite like them but I am a little conflicted because my visuals play a big part in my orgasm and when they are forced it is just your body doing its thing
    May xx

    • Yes that makes a lot of sense. I suppose because I am not very visual it works well for me. There is no reality to distract me and I will nearly always close my eyes anyway. Interesting how different people are. Missy x

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