Objectified and on display

Objectified and on display

Objectified and on display

He puts her in position and he waits.

It takes five minutes until she accepts that she is going to be displayed like this. Objectified. A pretty piece of furniture for them to look at.

He waits.

After 10 minutes her muscles ache and she wonders if she can keep still for much longer. She feels angry, at him, at herself. She wants to do this but she doesn’t believe in herself. It seems too much. Too big.

He watches her. She is still but he sees how she wrestles with herself and with her task. He notices her move her body slightly. Fighting the need to shift and shake herself out. But he knows that she won’t. He knows that she will give in and bend to what he has asked her to do.

After 20 minutes the pain seems to disappear. She begins to feel weightless. She knows that her body is there but she no longer feels it in the same way. It is distant and she feels almost like she exists of thoughts. And they are thoughts of him. They fill her head.

After 30 minutes she is what he needs and wants. She is beautiful in her submission. She has left herself behind and remains still in what he has created for her. She is his.

She waits for him now. Waits for him to tell her what to do next, what to think and what to be.

She hears them come into the room.

250 words

I was going to say that I hadn’t done one of my Saturday Shorts for a while, but really, I haven’t done anything for a while. The idea with ‘Objectified and on Display’, like my other shorts is to produce a piece of writing which is as short as possible in order to tell your story. I limit myself to between 100 and 300 words, using increments of 50 only in order to force some additional discipline! The stimulus for my piece each week comes from a picture.

If you want to join in and do your own Saturday Shorts then please just leave your link in the comments section of my post that week and I will come and visit you. Feel free to use the badge.

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  1. “She has left herself behind and remains still in what he has created for her.”

    This is SO beautiful. Love how you showed the struggle, and the surrender 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

    • Aww thank you. I am not sure I am up to TT standard and I can only really write about the things I have done or want to but I am glad you enjoyed it xxx

  2. That was spectacularly awesome!!!!
    Oh submission as performance art!
    The artist’s muse becomes the art.
    Or so that’s how I read it.

    Beautiful description of sinking into submission.

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