Discovering the Boxer Thong

Discovering Boxer Thongs and trying them out for size

I have been a long time thong wearer really. It began in my teens when people started to talk about VPL and I was determined that wouldn’t be something I would ever be accused of. I know that often people will say a thong is uncomfortable but I think when you are used to wearing one it doesn’t feel like it is an issue and the calls of being cut in two or sliced like a piece of cheese just don’t seem to apply. I like them. I feel like I am wearing nothing and they are practical.

I can’t say that I have ever particularly liked the look on me though. I don’t think it to be the most flattering and aesthetically I prefer a bit more pant if you know what I mean. The issue with the larger style of knicker is the lines they cause through my clothes and the way that they seem to creep up my cheeks. Better to have something that is designed to be up there than something that tries to get up there without permission! Well that is how I feel at least.

For this reason, I was glad to come across a range of Boxer Thongs on the Hunkemöller site when I was looking for lingerie the other week. Unfortunately I have not been asked to review their lingerie, much as I would like to, but it is a shop that I noticed and fell in love with during one of my visits to Amsterdam – probably because of the slight BDSM edge that some of their items had. I have bought other sexier items before but on this occasion I was on the look out for something more practical.

Anyway, review or not, I am always keen to find ways to celebrate my aging body and slip it into something remotely sexy to show that bodies of all ages can be attractive, so I thought I would write about my find for my own reasons. I actually bought three different styles of their boxer thongs but the one pictured here is the Invisible High Thong. I actually really like them. They don’t feel or look like a thong, despite behaving like one, and so the string style garment of old is far from comparable.

All three feel comfortable and from the front, look like a more substantial knicker. I think this will work well for the times I am asked to slink around in less, and since having an empty nest, HL is requiring much more slinking in his life. Because they are bigger they feel more like I can wear them on their own, and although pairing them just with a handbag is probably a little far, I do feel pretty good in them so it might actually be possible!

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  1. They do look really good on you and i can relate the age asspect of underwear
    That brand opened at our mall resently and yes they do have some kinkwear. Their stayup stockings are really nice asswell. Kept up the hole kink party last weekend and that says some…

    • I have some stockings from there which I have had for a while. There were some issues with delivery a few years back and I sort of stopped looking and forgot about them so I am glad I have gone back as I was pretty pleased with my recent purchases. Missy x

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