I think we’re alone now


Well it looks like we have our empty nest. It has felt like a slow time coming, but also as if it has suddenly appeared upon us. I am glad that there are positives for us in having more privacy and time to ourselves as it is hard in many ways feeling one chapter close. That said, we are hoping that it allows us to step up our D/s and take that to an new level. The last few years have had a number of challenges for us and it has taken a toll on the growth we would have liked to have seen, so it feels good that the opportunity is here. We are finally alone!

We have only talked in general terms about the ways things might change for us. I think it is difficult until you are in the situation to see where it really takes you and we feel content to watch and wait to see where it goes. There are things that we want to do more of though and we have already started with that. Being able to talk openly and make some noise really adds to the play that we do and the opportunity to be dressed more scantily helps with pre-play mindset. We have made the most of times when we have been alone, but is has often been at the last minute so difficult to plan.

The years have shown us that for me, so much of being turned on is about my head. If HL can get my head right then my body is his to control. Talking is a big part of this and it is exciting for HL to be able to speak at a volume I can hear, not only to direct me, but also to hit my humiliation triggers. Although it will take a while to adjust (it still feels that they are just out of the night) I think once we get used to being alone, this part will really take off. I know how much HL has felt inhibited by our circumstances and this has really affected his Dominant headspace.

Aside from the talk, our love of spanking and impact has also been curtailed. While I have enjoyed being able to do it when we can, HL’s sadistic streak will likely respond well when we can build up my tolerance through more regular play. And then …. there is everything else. The wax play, the CNC, the scenes that take hours and roll along during the course of the day. The possibilities feel endless and it makes me realise how inhibited we have felt, not at the start, but as the kids have grown and our circumstances have not allowed us the hotel breaks or holidays alone that we had previously.

Photography is another area which we want to explore further now that we are able to take pictures without arousing suspicion. Whether or not these will see the light of day, it means that we can both learn about what works and what doesn’t and do it in a more leisurely and natural way, as opposed to using the one opportunity to squeeze in as many different outfits, looks and poses as we can. We neither of us would change our family for the world. They mean so much and the years have been so important and special, but there is a good feeling that this is our time. And we intend to make the most of being alone!


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  1. It’s a big change, and I know how much you’ll miss having others in the house with you, but yay for exciting loud, passionate play. Can’t wait to hear what flithy perverted things you both get up to

  2. Being an empty nester is quite surreal at first. The chocolate box is closed but not sealed. Go on … take the lid off and have chocolate. Explore, surrender and enjoy. Good luck.

  3. I remember when Master T and I became empty-nesters… it’s so different from having kids living here, and having to remember not to make much noise. I look forward to read more about you ‘upping your game’ 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  4. OMAGOSH!!! We are sooooo happy for you!!!! I remember when we emptied and what a day that was! We never really got off the tarmac with our D/s until the house was truly empty. It just wasn’t comfortable with our setup and our nosey children. But once they left the shackles came ON! I’ll be celebrating for you today and wish you all the best D/s on day one of FREEDOM!!!!


  5. Having only recently discovered your blog, may I just comment on what a pleasure it is to read such intelligent, interesting and articulate writing. An absolute joy.
    P. S. Having read some of your older missives, I’m astonished that you have ever experienced body insecurity. You are as wonderful to look at as your commentary is to read.

  6. I don’t know if you meant to allude to the song by the same title, but when I read the post title I was reminded of the opening lyrics…

    “Watch how you play” need not apply to you so much anymore, I imagine, considering that extra sets of ears have flown the coop.

    It must be a huge change though.

    And I recognize that change — even when it’s for the better — is hard.


    • I did meant to allude to the song. It is quite an adjustment but one that I think will be positive. I feel like we just need to stop to breathe and then we will be able to look around us and see how the land lies. Missy x

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