An impromptu Saturday morning paddle

“Go upstairs, take your clothes off and lie on the bed. I want to use the paddle on you.”

I do as I am told and wait for him. When he comes in he gets the paddle out of the drawer and I see is not the leather and fur one that I expect but the large wooden one that he made and put my name on using a router. I feel a little apprehensive as we don’t usually get the chance for much impact play so I am out of practice and, in addition, the paddle looks like a bit of a beast. I push the thoughts out of my head and try to focus on relaxing and switching off my mind.

He warms my bum up first with his hands and then starts with the paddle. They are more taps than whacks at first and it feels really nice. I relax into the rhythm and although he is building up the weight of the slaps, I am able to adjust to it and shift with him. He tells me to move my legs apart and he touches me with one hand while he hits me with the other. I remember how good this feels and I start to push my bum into the paddle, rather than pulling it away in response.

There is a familiar stir and I enjoy the connection between the sting on my skin and the heat it creates inside me. He is hitting the paddle harder on me now and I try to take the sensation deeper and combine it with the feeling of my pelvis moving in response. He tells me how pink my skin is becoming and I can hear the slight thrill in his voice. He checks that I remember my safewords and asks if I am ok.

“I am going to want to hit you quite hard so you may need to use your colours.”

I can’t see him as I am face down on the bed but I can tell that his need to hurt me is slowly taking hold of him. I didn’t start off thinking I would be able to manage that much but this makes me want to be able to take what he needs to give. He continues and the whacks are much harder now. The force of the paddle is making my press into the bed with each hit and I am glad when he gets the wand and places it under me so that it is against my clit.

“Oh God I really want to hurt you quite badly. It is turning me on and making my cock so hard at the thought of it.”

He is hitting me quite hard now and I had been wondering how much more I could take before he said that. Suddenly I have a need to keep going and be what he needs me to be. I reach back for his cock and it is rock hard. He is shaking as he tries to control himself and he tells me that he is scared he will lose it and really hurt me. I feel safe with him though and know that this won’t happen. I feel I can take more for him at the moment and want him to give me what he needs and has to give.

We keep going.

The whacks when they come have quite a bit of force behind them now and I notice that he presses the paddle into my skin every now and then. The noises he is making are so sexy and I am lost in the feeling that I am meeting a deep seated need by taking what he gives. I am really turned on and I want to come but the paddle is quite intense now and there isn’t a rhythm to lose myself to as they are coming in an irregular sort of pattern.

I am not able to quite keep up and so I teeter between feeling the pain and the pleasure as it alternates. He tells me I am doing well and warns me that he will do a few more harder ones and then he will make me come. I don’t know if I can take them any harder until they come, and I do. When he stops he tells me to roll over but the heat and the sting on my skin once he stops catches up with me and I want to stay as I am.

He tells me it will be fine and I shift onto my back. He pushes the wand onto my clit and I take his cock in my mouth. My bum cheeks are still on fire but so is the rest of my body and I take all of him, choking on him in my desperation. My orgasm takes longer than I expect as I am so turned on by the way this has affected him that I am almost too far gone to focus on it now. He talks to me and it pushes me over the edge as my muscles tighten and spasm and I lose control.

He flips me over, onto my hands and knees to fuck me as he wants to see my reddened cheeks as he pushes into me. His own orgasm comes fast and I feel it build and explode inside me. He holds me for a while after and we luxuriate on our feelings and enjoy the connection that this has created between us. There feels like nothing better than an impromptu Saturday morning paddle!

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  1. Great way to start your Saturday morning,, what
    T a beautiful picture. You look exceptionally beautiful from that vantage point

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