The simplicity of a white shirt and black boots

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo Da Vinci

Sometimes it is the classic things which have an appeal. Personally I like the simplicity of a plain white shirt worn with very little else. I also love boots. I have lots of pairs and so it is fun to slip them on, even if it is only HL who is going to see them, and even when I know he will likely slip them off just as fast. Not that that was part of my plan or anything. I would never be so cheeky!

I also enjoy dressing up and prefer to be in something scanty or suggestive rather than completely naked, although that usually follows. I have written before about the fact that clothes can change the way that you feel and when I am able to dress in a way which is fun and flirty that brings out that side of my nature. Nakedness does make me feel quite submissive though and I am definitely more pliable and less cheeky that way.


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  1. I love how you love in this picture, it definitely shows a playful side to you which I like. I don’t know about taking the boots off, I like the idea of you keeping them on, you’re very sexy in them.

  2. Lovely images, Missy. Boots and a white shirt always work together!
    I actually like the colored one more than the mono one. It’s so much softer 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

    • Thanks Marie. I wasn’t sure between the two but I know what you mean. There is always something appealing for me in b&w but there is something more to a coloured image I think. Missy x

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  4. Don’t underestimate the sexiness of a white men’s shirt worn over a naked female body. Especially if it is also lowered on the shoulders. I think that even the shoes will be superfluous.

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