The Cat Cafe

A Surprise Visit to The Cat Cafe

Things had been a bit quiet for us so when HL told me to go and put on my catsuit and ears and wait for him, I was pretty excited. The wet-look suit fitted me closely and I felt pretty sexy as soon as I slipped it on. I wore my long boots with it but kept my legs bare as that is how he usually likes me. I made my eyes catty and tied my hair back for effect and got myself into position on the floor.

It was a while before I heard him come into the room and I knew better than to look up without permission. He walked around me and the tail in his hand swished past me, giving me a thrill. I loved wearing the tail plug he had bought me with the suit. It really helped my headspace and allowed me to sink deeper into my naughty kitten role.

“Come here and let me fit your tail,” he said, patting his legs to indicate I should rest myself over them. I crawled across to him, trying to ensure my best slink possible. I positioned myself over his knee with my bottom upturned.

“Very good. And the crawl was a nice touch. You are going to wow them at the Cat Cafe!”

There was something in his tone – the confidence, the cadence, that told me I was out of my depth.

“The cat cafe, Sir?” I squeaked rather than purred. He smiled and I knew that he had me trapped.

“Yes missy. Once I have your tail in,” he said, opening the zip of my suit and applying some lube with his finger, “we are going to head to the Cat Cafe. “Of course I want to show off my naughty kitten.”

I gulped hard then breathed sharply in, gathering myself as he slipped the metal plug into me. I had never been out dressed like this before. And a cat cafe? What even was that? Was he going to take me to an actual cafe? With actual cats? Mortification was not in it. And if it wasn’t an actual cafe, what did he mean? Was this just a mind fuck? Perhaps it was a play scenario and, really, we were going to pretend.

“Ok. Looks like we are good to go,” he said attaching a leash to my collar. “You may walk to the car, Missy.”

I was quiet on the journey. I could feel the plug seated deep inside me and I wondered how the hell I was going to get out of this car and to wherever we were going without anyone seeing me. My body flushed at the thought and my muscles clenched around the the plug as if to test it was really there and that this was really happening.

By now I had realised that this wasn’t going to be a game. We really were going somewhere, but where I still did not know. The car pulled to a halt and HL came to open the door for me. We were outside a building with little to mark its purpose, and so I still was unclear about what was going to happen. Dressed in only the shorty cat-suit, I followed HL, led of course, through the door and into the foyer.

“Don’t worry. I think you are going to really enjoy this,” he said with a smile. “Now on your hands and knees and do that sexy crawl for me so that everyone can see what a gorgeous cat-girl I have with me.”

I sunk to my knees unquestioning as I really didn’t know what else to do. It felt easier just to do what I was told but it was as well he required no words as speech had left me, my head in a spin and my emotions turned inside out. I couldn’t think straight so following him felt like most plausible and safest thing to do. I have found that reason leaves when deep submission sets in and this scenario was pushing me past anything that could keep me in the real world.

I focussed on crawling in a way which was the least clumsy movement I could give him. I kept my eyes on his legs, following the crease in his trousers as he led the way. Only once there did I stop to take it all in. I would like to say that suddenly I felt reassured, but far from it. What I saw scared me stiff but deep inside I felt something wake up, thrilling at the sight and what was likely to unfold.

The room wasn’t set up as a traditional cafe but had more the feel of a gentleman’s club. The decor was dark – greens and reds and purples and the furniture was velvet and mahogany. There were groups of seats and HL had led us over to a group who were already established. I recognised a few of the Doms sitting in a circle around a low table.

HL greeted them and took his seat. I knelt beside him focusing on his voice as it was the only thing grounding me. I felt like I might almost float away, as if I was not completely part of myself. I was horrified and yet turned on by this place and what might happen here. I knew that I was wet and felt the zip of the suit sticking to me. It was only at this point I noticed another ‘cat’ sitting quietly beside their owner.

I looked away quickly when our eyes met, embarrassed to be caught like this, and then realising my reality, looked back and smiled. She smiled back and winked and suddenly I felt that this could be fun. A surge of mischief rose up and I felt a little more confident, as I had back in the bedroom at home. But it was to be short lived.

“Missy up on the table where everyone can see you please.”

My stomach crashed and I felt caught all over again. I glanced helplessly at my new cat friend hoping somehow she might help me out. But she didn’t flinch.

“Hurry now. I don’t want to have to discipline my little cat-girl so early on in the day. Not with everyone watching you. You don’t want that do you little kitty?”

My eyes cast down, I climbed onto the table and positioned myself, trying to make myself as small as I possibly could.

“Now now, missy. How is anyone to get a proper look at you like that? Up on all fours so that we can see you,” HL said with a couple of tugs on my tail for effect. I tried to keep my face steady but I knew that I was reacting to the feeling of the plug shifting inside me. His fingers moved.

“Oh God you are soaking already. What a horny little pussy I have,” he said laughing. “Now hop back down and sit quietly for a moment until I am ready to play with you a bit more.

I have left the ending of the visit to the Cat Cafe up to your imagination but this post is one of the options as to the sort of way it might go.

The post Rabbit Ears also deals with erotic humiliation and Feline Fatale shows a different side to a feline allure.

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  1. This is very hot fiction Missy – look forward to more – and u look delectable – I think HL should actually take u to a cafe now!
    May xx

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