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Electric sex

Why we decided to try electric sex

The topic for Tell Me About… this time is Electroplay. This is something I have written about quite a bit and, if you are interested, I have linked the posts at the bottom. Suffice to say, we enjoy electroplay. We have an ElectraStim unit (one of the TENS type machines) and we use it quite regularly. We experimented a little with different ways of playing with it initially but we settled into what we found works really well. It has been great but we sort of fell into a routine with it, rather than trying other things. One thing we hadn’t done was to have sex whilst using it and I was interested to know how that would feel. So for the interests of research for this post, we had electric sex.

For those of you who haven’t read the other posts, usually we attach the pads one to each bum cheek, and then HL increases the charge as he plays with me in other ways. An orgasm is reached pretty easily, and sometimes, more than one. It can lead to a freeing sensation overload and rolling orgasms, so you can probably understand why we would keep using the device in the same sort of way. I have been interested in what else might feel good but when we tried other things, the spanking feature for example, it hasn’t felt nearly as good as the electric bum cheeks.

Doing some research

One of the things I have thought about has been electric sex, so I asked HL what he thought about trying it. When we bought the EStim we thought that HL could use the nodes to sort of electrify himself and become the conductor, but I think this only happens with the violet wand type devices. For more about the difference you might want to have a look at, What you need to know about Electroplay. However, I have noticed that while I am wired up, when HL touches me it can totally intensify the feeling so I thought maybe that would happen with electric sex.

I researched positions for the pads, and also use of the probe we have, and I am wondering if we should have used that during actual penetration – it is on the list for the next time. Having read up I suggested to HL that the usual positioning of the pads was one which was recommended, so we decided to go with that. I have used them on my vaginal lips and above my clit before, but again, it didn’t do it for me like the bum cheeks so we stuck with what we thought would be good. He set me up as usual and we began with to increase the charge.

Ready to ramp it up

I never really feel anything until it is on 5 or 6, and even then it is the mildest tingle. The unit goes up to 22 and it will depend on a variety of factors how high we go: sometimes all the way, sometimes he will make me come before then, so it really varies. It can be really intense on the higher levels so it depends if HL wants me to be focussed on that or use it to help me relax. I was at the point where I was close to orgasm when he decided it was time for me to flip over to try out the electric sex.

Getting myself turned over when the unit was up quite high (I think he said about 15) was a challenge as any small movement felt super intense and rooted me where I was. However, I was keen to try and see where this went. Because of this I had expected the movements during sex to be really strong, but in actual fact it didn’t work quite like that. It did feel strong but sort of blended all into one. HL turned it up a few times as he enjoyed the expression on my face (the way we use it usually I am on my front so not as easy for him to watch my reaction).

The reality of electric sex – a spark is ignited

I had read that electric sex would create contractions in my muscles beyond the usual ones and that he would feel them, but he said that there wasn’t really a difference in sensation for him. It seemed to go well but I wouldn’t be raving about it the way we used it. If I was choosing between electric sex and electric bum cheeks, I pick the latter every time. There is just something about the combination that does it for me. But it seemed to work well enough and a good time was had by all.

Afterwards, I asked HL if we could try it with the probe inside me. It is more of a plug really and we have used it anally but not vaginally before, although it says it is fine for both. He lubed it up and slipped it in, turning the controls up tentatively. I was unable to feel anything. He checked it was connected properly and we tried again. Again, nothing. This time he took it up really pretty high and in the end I could slightly feel the buzzy movement. What did work was moving the probe it in and out. Essentially still electric sex, but with a plug.

A word of warning

The way electricity works is counter intuitive. You would think that when it is deeply seated it would be at its most active, but in actual fact, it gets stronger the less surface area it is touching. Scientifically this works because the smaller the contact surface, the more intense the stimulation because there is less contact with your body for the current to pass through. So when it is deep inside you there is a larger area than when you begin to pull it out. This was an interesting sensation when HL moved the plug in and out of me, and one that I think we could work more with. It actually became very intense the closer to the entrance it got so this is definitely worth more experimentation.

So all in all, post research done, I am still choosing electric bum cheeks over electric sex but we do have some features that we would like to explore more. We had fun seeing how different things would work so it was a positive learning experience. What it did remind us is that there is a lot more we could be doing with our ElectraStim unit which is a pretty good place to be. To read more about other sorts of electric sex and electroplay, click on the badge at the bottom to head to Tell Me About. To find out more about how we play and how it feels, check the links at the bottom.

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If you are interested, the kit we have is the Flick Duo. This is not a sponsored post but we are part of the ElectraStim affiliate programme because we love their products.  If you decide to make a purchase using this link then I will receive a small percentage of the sale as a way of a thank you.

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  1. This is still on my ‘would like to try list’. Great to read about different experiences, trials etc. and pleased a good time was had by all.
    lilly x

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. I have long been curious about electro play, though have never done it, out of fear for the safety aspects. I should probably give it a go with a tens machine and see how I get on.

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