Back on track

Back on track and back to basics

Back on Track

Getting back on track

Sometimes you lose each other. It can be hard when you are used to the closeness to work out what to do about it and how to get things back on track. We have been talking a lot lately about what to do and how to do it and it is good to be finally taking some action. The holidays are here so there is more time and more brain capacity and I think that is really helping.

I think one of the problems we sometimes encounter is expecting to take back up where we left off. Things move on and so this doesn’t always happen. It can lead to a bit of a mismatch between expectations and reality. Also it can mean that we take things for granted when perhaps they need a little more time and focus.

Getting back to basics

For this reason we have come to the conclusion that we need a bit of a back to basics with some of the things that we haven’t been doing as much of. This includes some of the more elaborate scenes as we have focussed on what can be fitted into the opportunities that we had. As private alone time has been few and far between we have concentrated on things which can be done in less time whilst also producing no real sound.

As a result, when we have found ourselves alone more recently, we have either stuck to the usual whispered encounters or stumbled along a bit through things which probably required more planning, or at least a refresher. When this happens we can end up being not quite on the same page, so communication is definitely a big part of that. We have agreed to talk through some of the sorts of scenes we enjoy as a bit of a reminder of what worked really well to see if that helps when we put things to play.

I am looking forward to this and it feels quite exciting to be planning for play again in this sort of way. Hopefully it will also mean a bit more sexy content to write about on here too, so all in all, it feels good to be back on track.

Getting back into photography

I have added this post to Monochromerotic because we haven’t been taking as many images lately. This is something that we always enjoyed so hopefully we can get back on track with that too. I am also hoping to do some more self-portraits so that will be another back to basics as I get to grips with the new camera rather than using my phone as before. Still some technical hitches to iron out there though. To see who else is adding images this week, click on the badge below.

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  1. Very sexy image Missy and very pleased to hear we will be seeing some more. Back to basics sounds like a good idea and I am glad you have something to aim for.

    • Thanks gem. I know I have been all over the place so it is good to feel more grounded and focussed. Missy x

  2. Lovely image Missy and life runs away with us all at times – but you are so great with communication – and that is so important
    May xx

    • Thank you May. I am hoping that communication will be the key. And action. We need action too lol! Missy x

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