How to Introduce Role-Playing to Your Relationship

‘How to introduce role-playing to your relationship’ is a guest post written by Daria Roman of Silicon Wives. In the post Daria gives some ideas and suggestions about the way role playing might work and what it could add to a relationship.

Every relationship can have a tougher time, especially when it comes to sex life. After some time, many couples start to look for a fresh breeze in the bed. Sometimes they decide on role-play. Many people think that role-playing has to include elaborate costumes, props, or difficult scenarios. That’s not true! Of course, you can buy yourself an anime sex doll for a better mood, but it is not required, and you can have fun without it. 

Role-playing’s main goal is to intensify the sexual experience and bring something new into your sex life. In this article, you will find very useful information on how to introduce role-playing to your sex life and some basic rules on how to start together. 

The Most Important Thing Is to Relax and Have Fun

As it was mentioned above, you don’t need to be dressed in a seductive costume, put on silly makeup, or even use props for role-playing. Just be yourself and enjoy the sexual experience! You can choose any role you like. Sometimes it is good to start with something erotic and relaxing. 

For example, you can try the role of a teacher and your partner as a naughty student. It can help you get used to the role-playing game and perfect your communication skills. You can have fun with this for a long time if you try to invent new situations and don’t get stuck with only one role. Moreover, you can always feel free to change the roles if you don’t like them. 

Mention Your Desires 

You should talk about ideas with your partner. Just bring them up during a conversation and see what your loved one thinks about them. Make sure you explain yourself why you want to try role-playing and give him or her a little example of what it might be like. You shouldn’t force your partner to try it if there is no willingness to do it, but at least you don’t have to feel embarrassed for bringing up the topic. 

Everybody should enjoy role-playing. If you do not want to do something, you must say it out loud and never be ashamed of it. This is much easier than you may think, but many couples forget about it, which causes problems. If you don’t like something, just say it to your partner. Sometimes it’s better to stop the scene rather than continue and get angry. 

Another thing to remember is safety. Many people are using role-play to explore their fantasies, so they include some unusual elements into their game. If you have a fantasy, there is nothing wrong with trying it with your partner, but make sure that your partner agrees with it. Talking about it will be a very good start to build trust between you two. 

Choose a Scene That Will Work for Both Of You

The most important thing here is that you both are comfortable with the scenario. If one of you has a big fantasy, but the other doesn’t want to experience it, just forget it. It is better to agree on something that works for both of you. For example, if one of you loves being dominated, but the other one really doesn’t like it, then you should choose something else.

Talk About the Details

After you have chosen a scene that works for both of you, then you can start talking about it in detail. This might include who will play which character and which props are needed for the scene. Some people find it very exciting to get dressed before the sex and put on their costumes together. This helps to add some excitement to the process, so don’t forget about this detail.

Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

Always say what is on your mind. If you are uncomfortable with your role or your partner isn’t doing what he/she should do, it doesn’t mean that the whole session is bad and the night is ruined. Do not be afraid to pause and make changes, especially do not take things too seriously! 

Don’t Forget About Foreplay

It doesn’t sound like a rule, but foreplay is an essential part of every sexual experience. Sometimes role-playing games take so much attention that couples forget about foreplay, which can cause problems in some cases. Foreplay is always good: it helps both partners get ready for sex and builds tension for a better experience. 

Try to Keep Your Game Exciting

Role-playing games are good for long-term relationships because they maintain a sexual connection. Usually, after some time, couples stop trying something new and just have sex as they did it the first time, which leads to monotony. For a better outcome, you must try to keep things interesting! You can try new roles, places, or even toys! 

A role-playing game is a great way to make your sexual experience more intense and interesting. You do not need to spend too much time planning the whole game, just enjoy it.


Role-play is an amazing way to spice up sex life and freshen up the relationship. However, it is very important to remember that role-playing is just a game and not your real life. Don’t take things too seriously and don’t make any decisions in this ‘scene’ that could affect your real relationship. Many couples enjoy role-playing because they can act out things that they wouldn’t normally do in real life and this can be incredibly liberating and fun. And don’t forget that this is not reality.

This post – How to Introduce Roleplay into your Relationship – was written and sponsored by Silicon Wives ~ Luxury Sex Dolls

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  1. Role-playing games are definitely not reality, but rather a departure from reality. But these games provide an opportunity to improve relationships and realize your fantasies, which have no realization in real life.
    But, although what am I trying to say here? Indeed, in the conclusion of this post, you yourself clearly wrote and summarized everything.

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