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Get ready to play ~ Sohimi bell jeweled Butt Plug with chain

I was recently contacted by the toy company Sohimi to review some of their products. One of the ones I chose was this set of three jeweled butt plugs with bell and chain – Sohimi BELL Jeweled Butt Plug With Chain. As soon as I saw them, the idea tapped into my desire for erotic humiliation. The thought of wearing a butt plug with a bell sort of turned me on. Sometimes I worry that in reality, things won’t work in the same way they do in my head, but fortunately this was not the case this time. I am no stranger to a butt plug and, while we don’t use them all the time, we do use them at times for a few different reasons.

The physical side

One of the advantages of a butt plug is that it can help to prepare you physically for anal play. This set of three is great for that as you can move through them as your body adapts to accommodate the plug. I find the thought of anal play a turn on but I am also always slightly anxious so initially I may be less relaxed. The smallest of the three plugs is a great size to start with (2.4 cm at the widest) and is easy to accommodate.

It is always advisable to use lots of lube when using a plug and I have found that the shape of them can mean that once you do relax, the lube means that it pops back out. This was not the case with this plug due to the narrow design of the stem so, for me, that was another plus. Metal also has the advantage of having a good weight – enough to feel it move and know it is there, but not so heavy that you fight to keep it in.

I also like metal plugs because they are very easy to clean and can be used for temperature play. I am not one for frozen toys but HL would often use a glass of warm or cold water to alter the temperature of a glass or metal toy. Slight changes can make a really big difference so rather than sticking with room or body temperature you can alter that easily and as much as you want in whichever direction. For those who enjoy sensation play this can be really effective.

The psychological side

I will admit that there is a psychological element to wearing a butt plug which puts me in a submissive headspace regardless. For me it feels a bit naughty, a bit suggestive, and it reinforces the idea that my body is HL’s to use for his own pleasure. This set of plugs takes that a step further by not only having a pretty jewel embedded into the base but also adding an attachable bell and leash as options.

Wearing a jewelled butt plug seems to draw attention to the fact I am wearing one at all. It is pretty but the contrast of the twinkling jewel the sitting on the outside somehow advertises the fact that there is a metal plug seated deep inside me. For someone who is turned on by the thought of exposure and erotic humiliation, this can work really well and it definitely pushes me into a submissive mindset.

Having an attachable/detachable bell furthered this, not only by the fact that I had to wait in a slightly objectified way while my jewelled bell was fitted, but by the reality that each time I moved, it jingled, alerting the world to the fact that I was wearing one at all. This was really effective for me and so is something that we would certainly use again. HL seemed aroused by this too and I can see this being a good feature not just for play, but also if the plugs were to be used for training.

The chain leash added to this again. The plug immediately became usable for predicament bondage or simply for adding a further element of control. I could feel the plug move deep inside me as HL pulled and tugged on my leash and his promise of making me crawl along wearing it nearly tipped me over the edge. I realise that erotic humiliation isn’t part of everyone’s mental toy bag, but if it is then toys like this where you can keep that element going and build upon it are highly effective.

The practical side

I have already covered factors such as easy of cleaning and design and would score this butt plug set highly in both. We had a near miss with a jewelled plug made of silicone once where the jewel popped out and the toy, then flexible began to be sucked inside me. Luckily HL was on hand with his leatherman to rescue the day, but this design flaw put me off and held back exploration of the jeweled plug market. Thankfully there are no design issues with a metal plug and so the jewel adds rather than taking from the appeal of this toy.

The sizing of the set of three can be found using the link at the top but I feel that the set offers a good range and should cater for most body types. Essentially they should allow you to feel that your limits can be pushed, at the same time as even the largest being an achievable goal. They also increase in weight so when wearing one out of the house, even the most experienced user should still feel the presence of the plug.

The set comes in a black velvet bag which makes them handy and discreet for storage and transport. The spring clips used to attach the bells and leash worked well and even HL’s larger hands managed to get them on and off while the plug was in position. The leash itself was light and not too long so while it was fine for our play, if you wanted something heavier duty, you could easily swap it out for something more to your liking.

Cost can be a factor for many and I would say that at $29.99 these plugs are really good value for money. Shipping to the US is standard and the cost to ship to the UK direct from Sohini is $6.99.

The sexual side

I have already said that for us, the main draw of these plugs was the way that they make me feel and the subsequent headspace that HL can push me into with their use. We had a lot of fun with them and they are definitely something that we will play with again. The use of butt plugs fits into our dynamic well and the addition of the jewelled bell and chain will provide a number of other ways for HL to torment, tease and humiliate me.

Not only did this add a psychological thrill for both of us, physically the plug was also good for HL. While much of our play is about the power exchange and the way that plays out, invariably it will end with penetration and an orgasm for him. He made sure what I was still wearing the plug when this happened, so visually (I was on all fours) he could see it and use the bell and leash to make it move and get a response from me, but the way it was shaped meant that he could also feel when he was inside me which made things tighter and heightened for him.

The conclusion

The conclusion, I suppose, was an orgasm for us both, but beyond that I would definitely recommend these plugs for the reasons outlined above. They seem well made, well designed and are value for money. The addition of the bell and leash was what made them stand out for me and, although this might appear for some as a novelty factor, for those who are into erotic humiliation, the practical uses of this aspect are plenty. All in all it is a yes from me and a thank you to Sohimi!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product, and a fee, in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the sponsoring company, and/or its affiliates, in any way.

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  1. I think that sounds very exciting. I am partial to a butt plug and think that its both exciting and also.humiliating both being attached by a leash and that you can hear them x

    • Yes each time I moved they sort of jingled and I liked that I could feel them there too. It made it feel naughtier for side. Missy x

  2. Oooooh!!!!! These look very exciting, Missy! I LOVE the idea of the little bell…that would make it so much more humiliating……Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I would add that due to the presence of the ring, a variety of objects can be attached to the cork. Including ponytails.
    Thanks for the quality review.

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