Dance for you

Shall I dance for you?

Dance for you

“Shall I dance for you Sir?” she said, feeling playful 

“Dance for me?
What did you have in mind, missy?”

“I was thinking perhaps something burlesquey? I know you like that, Sir.”

“I do Missy. I like you dancing for me very much.”

He paused then for so long that she wondered if he was against the idea and she had displeased him somehow. 

After a time he looked directly at her and his eyes told her that he wasn’t displeased at all. 

“I have just the idea,” he said. “You know how I love to show you off.”

And so that was how she came to find herself posed, fans at the ready, about to perform not just for him but for the others too. 

Head down, eyes closed, all she could do now was focus and wait for the music to take her where she needed to go. 

(150 words)

I love dancing but as someone who feels self-conscious it has been surprising to me how far I can let go when I am pushed into dancing for HL. It is one of the things that can allow me to access my submissive headspace, although to volunteer for it takes a lot as I cringe at the thought. I suppose the situation forces me outside of myself so that I can ‘perform’ and then something about the music and the movement allows me the freedom from my own insecurities.

It can be quite a rush for me and it does turn me on. Luckily HL finds it quite arousing too as he knows that he is the focus for the way that I move. We love dancing together when we are out too but I have to be careful not to slip into this sort of headspace as the rest of the world will disappear and it becomes only focussed on the two of us and the way that we make each other feel.

I used these feelings as the starting point for this piece which is set in a fictional context.

Shall I Dance for You? is part of the Saturday Shorts series I started where I use an image and try to write about it, limiting myself to either 100, 150 or 200 words. If you enjoyed reading Shall I Dance for You? then you might want to check out some of my other shorts by following the link on the badge above. If you are writing your own short then be sure to leave a link in the comments to this post so that I can come and read your post.

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  1. Gosh Missy your photo is stunning and I love the fans! It’s wonderful the way music can take us and move our bodies in such a sexy way. Well that’s how I feel anyway when I get caught up in the music!

  2. That image is absolutely gorgeous, Missy, and then the words to go with it, just wow. This is one thing I have never managed to do for Master T – to dance for him. I am far too self-conscious to do so, even though I love dancing.
    ~ Marie xox

  3. I love dancing too (as you know) but also have an internal apprehendlsion. I also agree with the headspace. Thankfully, Mister K doesn’t care to dance I public, so I don’t have to worry about it there.
    Love this image. it looks magnificent in monochrome!

  4. True, she danced not very well, if it can be called a dance at all. Rather, she tried to portray something, but in the end she showed her inexperience.

  5. I like to dance too, and I have been told I am really sexy doing it. But I am more of a goth clubkid so so we don’t really dance the way normal people do 😛 I never really danced for someone though! Sexy scene, and the picture is very seductive as well!

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