In front of the mirror

In front of the mirror

In the mirror

Being positioned in front of the mirror is clearly part of the plan. I realise quickly how clever he has been. I can see myself and that is difficult. More than that I can see him and I can see what he is doing. The partial eye of the glass reflects back at me a slither of the story.

I know that he has lined up some toys. I don’t know which. I know that he has two glasses, but I am not sure what he has done with them. When there is a knock at the door he opens it. I hear him talk but I don’t see who to.

I am wet. My legs are opened wide and I can feel the cool air on me. I want to close them so badly. I don’t want to be so exposed.

I try to erase what I see.

I hear the second voice.

It is him.

I see him.

He sees me.

 I feel as if everything stops, seizes up in that very moment, and as if a spotlight is suddenly shone on me, and I am illuminated for them.

I cast my eyes down but I cannot hide.

(200 words)

I feel as if I am stuck on a bit of a theme with my shorts. I suppose this is what I think about and therefore write about and I wonder if lockdown has given me more time to be exploring scenarios in my own head. What I wanted to get across this time was the feeling of becoming super aware of yourself. This is one of the things that will trigger my submissive space when it happens in the right context. Now we just need restrictions to be lifted so we can get back out there and have some fun again.

In the Mirror is part of the Saturday Shorts series I started where I use an image and try to write about it, limiting myself to either 100, 150 or 200 words. If you enjoyed reading In The Mirror then you might want to check out some of my other shorts by following the link on the badge above. If you are writing your own short then be sure to leave a link in the comments to this post so that I can come and read your post.

Saturday Night Fever

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    • It fills you with dread, but what would it do for your submission? When you had no way to get past it, where would you go? x

  1. Wow Missy, this image is stunning. I love the use of mirrors in photos and you look simply beautiful positioned in front of one. The story is very sexy too, I really like the way you have written it and I can imagine your feelings in this situation well.

  2. First of all, the image totally captured my attention, so much so that I almost forgot to read you words. It’s just… wow. Then, finally reading your words, I could feel your discomfort and your excitement for being on display. Fabulous post.
    ~ Marie xox

    • Thank you so much. I have had that image for absolutely ages and not used it. It was a bit too close so I couldn’t edit as I wanted and also I found the way my legs has gone so weird I wasn’t sure I was ok with it. I love that you like it though. Thank you x

  3. I think the imagination runs along its own wild trail, sometimes sticking to variations on a single point-to-point destination and other times meandering all over the hills and valleys with no “end point” evident. You say you’re on a bit of a single track (theme) for the moment; your imagination clearly has an end-point in mind. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. And it’s no wonder — month a of restricted living bring to the fore the things we miss the most, and it makes sense that those things would take on an exaggerated presence in one’s creative meanderings.

    • Yes that does make sense. Thank you. I suppose I am not sure what the end point is but I would agree that my mind is probably ahead of me there! Missy x

  4. Love the image Missy, and of course, the story hits on so many of my own kinky desires. I have noticed a trend to your Saturday shorts as well. Maybe it’s your subconscious telling you it’s time? Just a thought!

    • It could be. I mostly draw on things which have happened in reality or things we have discussed or planned and then other times the fantasy of where they might lead. The short ones work for me at least x

    • It does and somehow it allows me to detach myself from me and the self-consciousness I feel. Once I get past that I can sort of match what I see with what I am feeling rather than one being a block to the other. x

    • Thanks PS. Like I say I have never been sure of this picture but it is good to know that it looks different to others.

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