turning point

A tale of two halves ~ turning point

turning point

The laughter and fun that had been part of choosing their outfits and teasing each other about what was to come evaporated into the silence.

The longer the both knelt waiting, the more time there was to think about what was to come, and the less they felt emboldened by their unity.

Alone, each left with their own thoughts, the fear of excitement brought with it the desire to shout out about the change of heart.

But there was still something. Still that feeling here that they were in this together, and it was this support that kept each present.

(100 words)

Just a short short this week so I have kept it to 100 words. I have wanted to use this picture for a while but haven’t found the right moment. I am interested in the way that camaraderie with another submissive can embolden me and push the boundaries of my own submission. The fear and hesitation I often feel when alone is masked by the girlishness which comes out when I am with a good friend.

The turning point always comes though, deliciously scary as that can be. Suddenly I find myself caught between those moments of feeling in control and the reality that it was never really the case. The protection that seemed to be encasing me is gone and I am are exposed, vulnerable and visible as I squirm on my own words and wait to see what is going to happen to me now.

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  1. Such a lovely portrait of two naughty girls awaiting discipline from their Doms. Wondering what will be utilized first and how hard. Hopefully hard enough to sting… it better be hard enough to sting. ‘What if they swap places?’ What if… what if? How many times do you think he’ll make me come?

  2. Oh — !!!

    Yes, I can definitely see how having a sense of comeraderie with another person in the same shoes (in the same corset?) would put a different spin on things.

    • I love that – In the same corset. Yes it certainly makes me feel bolder. I am caught up on the moment and then bam! I am on my own for the consequences. x

  3. Thank you for sharing! I’ve never done a scene with another submissive, but I imagine it brings quite a connection with the sharing of such a personal experience. Love the image of the two of you as well!

    • I think it was easier that there was already a strong friendship there. I am not sure it would have been the same otherwise although I do tend to get caught up in a moment anyway x

  4. Love this image of you two, and I so recognize the feeling of being with another sub, sharing the feelings, and then suddenly being alone with your thoughts, your expectations, your exposure. Beautiful post.
    ~ Marie xox

  5. Being in this position, you are unlikely to laugh and have fun, especially if you do not know what will happen next. Perhaps it is really a little easier from the realization that you are not the only one like that and that another woman is now standing nearby, waiting for the development of events.

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