April fool

No April Fool ~ return to training

April was only half focussed as she opened the letter. She had been home a while and hadn’t rushed to read the post. It was usually something she wasn’t much interested in anyway and there was really very little to indicate that the envelope would contain probably the most unusual offer that she had received to date. Not only the most unusual but also the most exciting and frightening at the same time.

April recognised the insignia of the training school as soon as she unfolded the piece of paper inside the cream envelope. It was from the Submissive Training School. Her heart began to race and suddenly all the feelings that she had about her experience there flooded over her. Faces sprang to mind, and she was temporarily lost in the memory of what had taken place there. It felt both a lifetime away and as if it was still fresh for her in a way that only something so impactful can do.

April had found herself there. She became the April she had wondered about and only then found. It had changed her, as a person and in terms of the path her life had taken since, and although she didn’t yet know what this letter would bring, she could sense that it would be something which changed her life once again. Her hand trembled slightly as she focussed her eyes to read the words. She has to force herself not to skim over them to the end but like a savoured desert she took her time, not wanting to spoil this moment.

Having reached the end, April read the letter again, and then once more for luck. She couldn’t believe it. It was an invitation to return to the academy as a mentor. She wanted to squeal but no sound came out. As if to make a sound and let the world know how excited she really was to be going back would ruin the moment, she kept quiet and treasured her secret. She thought again of the programme she had completed and of the things which had taken place there.

It felt magical and she was scared to spoil it. It was the first of April but she was no fool and there was nothing going to get in her way of making this opportunity a reality.

To read about April’s adventures in the submissive training school please visit the category. For those newer to my blog April’s Submissive Training is a series of posts that I wrote for the A-Z challenge in 2019. I always think it is a pity when things become lost or buried on a blog so it seemed like a good time dust off these posts and highlight them here. So why not follow April’s submissive training journal as she travels through the alphabet during her stay at the submissive training school to complete the novice programme.

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    • Yes you have and I thank you for your encouragement. I will get there and so what you suggest one day lol x

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