Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie

This post is really just a bit of fun. The prompt for Wicked Wednesday this time is Two Truths and a lie. I have written out three scenarios below. Two have happened, truths, and one has yet to happen so is a lie. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and/or would!

One: Touched

I am lying on the bed. I am wearing a blindfold but I know that we are not alone. I can hear them speaking and moving around. HL is stroking my skin and telling me just to relax and enjoy myself. He says that he is going to make me come over and over and that he might let them touch me. I try not to think about that too much and focus on his voice, his words, and I let that ground me.

I feel the cool air around my body and I shock myself when I remember that I am naked and on display. They can see me twitch and respond to HL’s touch. He points out the changes in my body to them: my nipples hardening, my hips pressing up and against his fingers, the muscles clenching, longing to be filled somehow.

He tells them they can touch me and they do. He asks them what they think and then I hear their voices clearly. There feel so many hands on me. So many fingers brushing across my skin that it feels overwhelming and disorientates me a little. HL switches on the wand and I imagine how I must look as he builds me up to orgasm. I feel embarrassed but also willing. There is a deep acceptance and I know already that I have let go.

Two ~ Exposed

I am tied spreadeagled to the corners of the hotel bed, each hand and wrist held by the cuffs on the under-the-bed restraints which HL has brought with us. I am naked and blindfolded and he is teasing me with different sensations. I am really enjoying the play and am slipping deeper. He is trailing the silk scarf over my body and the static is awakening my senses so that my skin feels like it coming alive for him.

There is a knock at the door. I tense up, even though I know that we are not at home.
“Don’t worry,” he says, “I ordered room service while you were in the bath. That will be the wine.”
I expect him to get up and go to the door but to my horror he shouts out to come in. I remember a conversation when we talked about him doing this and how it would be. I wish now that I hadn’t been quite so bold with my response. I feel confused due to the sensory play and I am not sure what is what.

I can’t see anything because of the blindfold but I hear him get up off the bed and move across the room. I hear someone come in and HL telling them to put the bottle on the table.I don’t know if I can trust my senses. Is this a mindfuck? Is someone really in the room? Has this been arranged with someone beforehand? It all goes through my mind and I imagine what I must look like. I curl in on myself as he begins to touch me again with his fingers this time, and I know that my wetness will give away how I feel.

Three ~ Observed

We have been away for the weekend and are travelling home. We have had a really nice time and are feeling close. I feel sexy and submissive due to the time away from distractions and the focus just on us. We are at the tube station and are waiting for the train to take us to the airport. It is pretty quiet for a Sunday but there are a few people around, just waiting like we are for a connection to travel on. I lean into HL as we stand there.

When he tells me to take my knickers off I am not sure if he is joking. I wait for a while and look at him with a question.
“Reach down and take your knickers off Missy and then give them to me,” he says again.
I look around me and there is a man next to us who is looking our way. I quickly move my eyes away from him and do what I am told.

It feels awkward reaching down but I am wearing a skirt and I am quick to let my knickers slip over my boots and into my hand. I make the mistake of looking at the man and he looks away. I hand the knickers to HL and he puts them in his pocket. I feel so embarrassed but excited too. I know that I am wet for him but there is no way he can touch me here. I feel the cold air catch me and as the train pulls in I am more aware than ever that I have no underwear on and that the man next to us knows this.

To see who else is sharing the truth and hiding behind a lie, click on the badge and head over to Wicked Wednesday. And if you have enjoyed the aspect of public humiliation then you might want to check out my other posts on erotic humiliation.

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  1. That one while waiting for the train… so very hot! But the other two are very sexy too. Great scenarios, bound to get almost everyone wet. I think the very first still has to happen 😉
    ~ Marie xox

    • Yes it was hot but a challenge. He went on to put his hand up my skirt and touch me while we were on the train too. Such an embarrassing journey! X

  2. I don’t know….but at first I thought #2 was false – because if a member of the hotel staff walked in to deliver wine and saw you tied up like that…I don’t know, I’m thinking the hotel management might have an issue with that if they found out? But I don’t know. I am so rubbish at guessing.

    • I wouldn’t say that. You guessed correctly. Yay. Top marks Jenna. We did talk about how this might be done which is where I got the idea but we haven’t done it yet. Missy x

      • Really? Oh, I was not expecting that. There was just something about 1 and 3 that seemed to be more about all parties consenting (well, the chap on the train platform could have reacted one way or another). But in scene 2, I did not see how a member of hotel staff delivering room service could be consenting…and how to go about obtaining consent without jeopardising your stay might be tricky.

  3. All three scripts are very exciting and beautifully written by you, albeit briefly. But I think that the first of them is still only a figment of your imagination. Although I could be wrong, of course.

  4. Oh goodness – I thought number 1 was the lie. But then read Jenna’s comment and it got me thinking – of course in number 2 u were blindfolded so u dont know if anyone actually came in
    May xx

    • I do see what Jenna meant. And I wrote it ambiguously as I think you could do a good mind fuck and not actually have a Porter come in. Sensory play can make things seems different to what they really are. Missy x

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