A snapshot with photography umbrella

A Snapshot in 150 words

Continuing with my Saturday shorts theme, I have another snapshot put to words. I am wondering if I should make this a thing as I am really quite enjoying it.

snapshot with photography umbrella

They had been taking pictures for a while. She was nervous to begin with as she didn’t know Mackay very well but had relaxed into it, the fear and excitement giving way to freedom and escape. 

She picked up the umbrella and turned around, pushing her bum out at them in a flirtatious way. She twirled and laughed as Mackay snapped away. No longer directed, she gave them what the mood had created in her. She felt strong, playful and desired.

She hadn’t forgotten the way things could change although it hit her, a shock which seized her in both a physical and mental sense. 

“She is lovely isn’t she? Do you still want to try her out?”

She waited, paralysed in the moment, as if holding her breath. The silence focussed her on them, her thoughts temporarily  suspended.

“Certainly HL. That bottom is just crying out for some attention.” 


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  1. YES to taking something you enjoy doing and making it “a thing.” 🙂

    This is a super fun photo — love the umbrella! It’s a delightful prop. 🙂

    • Thank you. HL likes to use things for light so we were trying out the umbrella and it just sort of led to a bit of fun. Missy x

    • Thank you gem. I am glad that you liked the mono version. I had to really crop too much off for my liking but they work quite well together. Missy x

  2. I love this image, especially in monochrome! Very artistic.
    Your flash makes me wonder if this was a real scenario. I really enjoyed thinking it was perhaps a bit of fantasy and then being brought to the real and present with the addition of HL.
    Loving the Saturday shorts!

    • There is always a lot of real in them but sometimes it lets me take an extra step. Thank you also for your kind words. Missy x

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