watching her squirm

Watching her squirm

watching her squirm

She knew that he was watching her squirm internally.

He had told her not to move and she was trying really hard.

She was so conscious of the plug inside her and couldn’t help tensing her muscles around it, as if to remind herself.

She felt the heat on her face return when she thought of what he had said.

The way he had calmly squirted the lube into her as she leant over the back of the chair and held her cheeks apart for him.

How he told her to relax as he pushed on the plug and her body stretched and then suddenly drew it in.

His words burned through her again as she remained in position and waited for what he had told her would come.

He sat still, sipping his whisky, seemingly doing nothing.

In reality they both knew that he was slowly taking her apart.

(150 words)

I wanted to continue with my Saturday flash fiction and this week I have gone for 150 words. Follow this link to see another of my images or this one for more fiction, or find my recent Saturday flash pieces below.


I have added this post to a number of weekly memes as I really wanted to promote them all. There is some great work going on and I know what a lot it takes to manage a meme. Taking part is a great way to feel like part of a community and I wanted to take time this week to say thank you to those who put their time into hosting them.

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    • Thank you. I wasn’t sure if it was ok for Erotic fiction delux as it was so short and not a proper story. Is that ok? Missy x

  1. Truth that the image
    Matches the words well.
    I could see Him sitting whiskey in hand, swirling a pair of the car cubes, their cracking the only other sound besides the fabric of your outfit as you squirm.

    He says mmmmm at the delicious thoughts of his next acts.

    Well written thank you for sharing.

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