In the Window

In the window again ~ another flash

In the window

He has her in the window again.

Does he do it for me, or for him?
I think they know I watch. 
I think I am part of what they do. 

She has been there some time. 
My pot of coffee is gone and I should get on with the day. 

I am about to go when he appears behind her, running his fingers over her and kissing her neck. She leans her head back against him. 

She must ache, frozen like that, a live statue. 

Leaning into my own window, my hand slips into my boxers.

It’s a surprise to us both when the knife appears and we share a moment of fear and confusion.

The light catches the blade and my cock jumps. 

In one swift movement he slices through the lace of the material and I watch it fall slowly to the ground, the aggression of his action contrasting with the sensual undressing it causes. 

One hand rests the knife against her throat and with the other he thrusts his fingers deep into her, fucking her for me. 

The muscles in her neck strain as I hold my cock and together he brings us both to climax. 


I have continued with my flash fiction this week as I am quite enjoying it being a Saturday thing. This one is a little longer at 200 words. Follow this link to see another of my images or this one for more fiction, or find my recent Saturday flash pieces below.

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  1. Fuck, Missy (excuse my French haha)

    This is HOT. You totally had me squirming at “he thrusts his fingers deep into her, fucking her for me” and “together he brings us both to climax”.

    Brilliant, just brilliant!
    ~ Marie xox

  2. For someone who says creative fiction isn’t her thing, you do a remarkable job of it! Keep it coming Missy. This was excellent!

    • Thank you. I can do the short things that are in my head it’s finding story ideas I find hard. This is more like real life but in a fictional setting. Missy x

    • I put myself there in order to write and the knife just sort of appeared so I suppose it must have been what I wanted. Missy x

  3. I have a friend who used to go outside for a smoke and this woman opposite would be in her room showing her tits! LOL It was so funny, cos they told me about it, but it wasn’t till I saw for myself – it makes you wonder! She seemed entirely oblivious to us, but its hard to believe she wasn’t aware people could see! 😀 If I was living there, it wouldn’t have been long before Id be tempted away from my own backyard – just to investigate of course! <3

    • Yes I often wonder if people do it for the thrill or in innocence. It can be hard to tell. I am
      Not an exhibitionist but I enjoy being made to be an exhibit. Missy x

      • Oh yes, I wonder now if perhaps it was a game, and her husband was getting her to tease the neighbours! LOL it was funny – his wife said oh, he’s going out for a smoke and to watch the topless woman, and I was like Whut? And right enough, there she was!! 😀

  4. “My, my, look at that window display!”
    “I see it. It’s so realistic.”
    “Well, it’s not something you’d’ve seen before the pandemic, that’s for sure.
    “Maybe in Amsterdam.”
    “You can see nearly everything! Nipples, crotch. I had no idea mannequins had gotten so realistic.”
    “I agree, you can even see how wet… she… is.”
    “You don’t think…”
    “Nah. Who would ever agree to be exposed in such a humiliating posture in public.”
    “I guess. Although…”

  5. Very hot flash Missy I love the use of the knife and being a voyeur to the scene! Your image is stunning and works so well with the words.

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