bridal bouquet

Here comes the bridal bouquet

I said I wasn’t going to do an on prompt piece for Wicked Wednesday because I am not a creative writer and it doesn’t fit on my blog, so I wrote this instead. But then I had a feeling I wanted to give it a go despite the fact it is out of place. So if you are looking for something kinky feel free to browse on. And if you are looking for something about D/s, again, this isn’t it. But if you are happy to indulge my experimental piece of writing from the point of view of a bridal bouquet, then welcome.

When I taught English I would often set talk tasks where one option would be a dramatic monologue. Actually they were some of my favourite pieces and often the shyest pupils could lose themselves in the characters they created. One time I remember watching as a boy transformed himself into a golf ball, and by the end of the talk I could literally see him bouncing across the green. So here goes ……

Ouch. Watch what you are doing with those secateurs won’t you.
I know I enjoy a bit of pain now and then but it doesn’t half nip so close to my bud. 
That’s better. 
Nice and gently makes a happy flower

So, let’s see who we’ve got here.
I think we are almost there.  

Ok, now here comes the twine.
Breathe in girls…………
and ……….

Now, that is what a call a neat waist!
I feel like I am really shaping up here.

Oh and what’s that? Trailing jasmine?
Nice touch!

Do you know what?
I am really I am loving myself. 

So I am super excited for the ribbon. I really hope I get one.
Soft, silky, satin with a high sheen. Soooooo dreamy.

Will I get a ribbon will I get a ribbon will I get a ribbon?
I LOVE ribbon and this is such a big day for me.
Here she comes with the tray.
SO classy! 

Ok, incoming.
Omg blue tray, blue tray.
Check that out!!!
Did you even see that buttonhole? The one over there on the left?
Hot stuff.
I just LOVE a thistle.
Well I said a bit of pain was good didn’t I, and he looks too dishy.
I hope we are off to the same event.
I could really do with getting prickly with that guy!

Oh what’s that?
Hold onto your compost, is that water you are spraying on him?

Yikes, you aren’t going to do that to me are you ………
and you are coming my way……
yes you are.
And YES.
You did.
Geez I am soaking now.

Actually, that was pretty nice. 
Oooo ooooo ooooo – spritz me again will you?
That feels so good.
I didn’t realise how much I needed a drink.
Steady though Susan, we have an important day ahead and I DON’T wanna mess this show up. 

Well, it looks like that’s me just about ready.
I can’t wait for the party.
I wonder what time we are heading out.
What the plan?

Ever feel like you are talking to yourself?

Actually never mind.
Here they come.
And here comes the bridal bouquet. 

Wicked Wednesday
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    • Thank you Jenna. It was silly really. It doesn’t really fit true to form but was just messing around and having some fun really. 😊

  1. This is just fabulous Missy! First you make me snort with ‘browse on’ (inside joke) and then I snickered with “Will I get a ribbon will I get a ribbon will I get a ribbon?” and “Hold onto your compost”. Thank you for putting a smile on my face!
    ~ Marie xox

  2. “I know I enjoy a bit of pain now and then but it doesn’t half nip so close to my bud.
    That’s better.
    Nice and gently makes a happy flower.”

    Hmmmmmm. 😉

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