What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame but something wild to run with.

Robert Brault

She was wild. She hid it under layers of convention, but it was there in her eyes. It flickered at him as she spoke. When he looked more deeply she pulled him in, drawing him further into the darkness that twinkled with promise. It was also there in her voice, in the suggestion and intonation. He worried others might see and hear what he did and that they might want her too. He wanted her to be his you see. His wild thing. There was an urge to tame her but a stronger pull for something wild to run with.

(100 words)

Saturday Night Fever

MMM Mondays

I quite enjoyed writing my drabble last week so decided to write another short piece. A drabble is a story in 100 words with a beginning, middle and an end so although this is 100 words, I don’t think technically it would count. Perhaps it is more of a vignette?

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  1. It is the urge to tame that is both a driving force and an urge to be overcome; why is it that the thing we are attracted to in another person is so often the thing we simultaneously want to change in them?

    I really like your hair in this photo, especially the way the shadows of the strands fall on your arm.

    • Yes that is an interesting point and it does seem sometimes to be the case. I think for me I want to resist but eventually be overcome. The photo was one of those ones that are just snapped randomly but I like the way it came out. Initially I didn’t like that it was slightly out of focus but that sort of grew on me. Missy x

  2. I don’t know why you never think of yourself as a creative writer, why you think fiction is you. It is! This is wonderful, saying so much in so few, yet beautiful, words – I’m inspired by it missy. Great writing. (definitely the low wordcount makes us choose words with extra care)

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