I imagine you

I imagine You

I imagine you, your fingers trailing lightly across my skin. Teasing me, claiming me, marking out what is yours. I imagine you watching as my body responds to you, goosebumps forming, creating a momentary path to show where you have been. I wonder about you are planning, about what you see and what you think as you prepare me, tuning my mind and my body to your channel, so that all I am is what you want me to become.

I imagine your voice as you whisper into my ear. The depth, the promise, the heat of your breath and your words combining to draw me closer to you with every word. I imagine your instructions, not to move, to do as you say, to stop thinking and just feel, just to let go. I imagine my own words rise up, trying to form an answer in response. Wanting to shout just to take me now and begging to be yours, but remaining silent, pinned by your command.

I imagine you brushing my clit lightly, my body beginning to ache for you and then pushing up and trying to find you, craving the pressure and wanting more. I imagine you smiling as you register my need and build upon it by throwing some naughty words at me. Telling me what I am and what will happen to me. Making me want to want the things I don’t and enjoying as you watch me fall apart for you.

I imagine you becoming more urgent in your treatment of me, pushing your fingers into me roughly and hearing me gasp and groan as you make my body yours. I imagine you transforming me bit by bit into something wanton and needy and greedy for you while all the time you are one step ahead, controlling me, shaping me, breaking me and making me yours.

I imagine you building me up, taking me closer and closer to the edge and then letting me slip back a little. Becoming relentless in your pursuit of me and taking all that I have to give. I think about the pricks of delight as you watch me squirm under you ministering and the thrill that the control of my body brings to you. And as I lose myself right there in front of you, I am beyond caring and imagining and anything other than being with you.

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