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Shared in an image and a drabble

I saw Marie had posted something for Mrs Fever’s new Saturday writing project. Although Marie’s was a 100 word story, that isn’t a requirement of joining in, but I thought that I would give it a go. So here is my own drabble. Sharing me is a fantasy of HL’s and this has started to play into my fantasies now too. So here I am: shared in an image and a drabble.

Shared in an image

Stand still.

Head back, tits out.

He will be here soon.

I love you, you know that don’t you?

You know how much I want you, how much it means that others want you too?

To watch him watch you.

Watch you get wet, see your nipples harden.

Watch the desire on his face as he waits for my instruction. Longing to touch you and run his fingers across your skin.

Watch you trembling for me and for him; see it move across your skin in waves as you slowly let go.

Ok. He’s here.

Be my good girl missy.


I have written a few posts about being shared in one way or another. We are really at the start of this journey so who knows where it will lead, if anywhere. But through fantasy and the use of narrative in play, we have been exploring for a while. To read more you might want to check out the following:

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  1. Being honest, the first thing I noticed was not your scrumptious body, your lovely nipples being covered or even that beautiful spankable curvy bottom waiting to be bent over a knee and turned the same shade as the furniture and lamp: no, it was the platform you’re being displayed upon. What an amazing table. That steel with the rivets. Gorgeous. And yes, you are a good girl, missy. We all think so.

    • It was a amazing apartment that we rented for a short break. It was a converted abbey so we got some great pictures and the decor definitely helped the mood and atmosphere for our kinky antics. I think we will go again when we are finally free to move around as it was quite something. Missy x

  2. I recognise this scene, but I don’t remember this photo. I wish I had earlier, because this is HOT, and I like a good opportunity to see multiple sides of you ☺️

  3. This is so sexy, and I know how it feels, waiting for the other one to come in, knowing you can’t see them, but they take in everything from the moment they enter the room. The air filled with desire… it’s so sexy! Scary too, but so sexy! Love your image, Missy! What a way to wait!
    ~ Marie xox
    PS: Thank you for linking my post.

    • Thank you Marie. I was really glad of the inspiration from your post. And yes that does feel an exciting and scary thought to be waiting like that. The anticipation is such a huge part of it. The objectification and the loss of control of the situation which leads to a need to let go and just be. It’s my thing! Missy x

    • Yes I know. It seems a contradiction. This was an image we took back in august and I like it. I suppose this is how I like to look but not what I see in reality. My thinking was more about whether or not I continue to take pictures which show me as I would like to be and share them. Does that make sense? It was the struggle between seeing this and seeing something else everyday which was making me feel that I wasn’t accepting the changes in myself. That in trying to show myself as I would like to be, I am somehow setting myself against unrealistic ideals. I haven’t edited this image at all apart from to crop my face a little from the top so it is the real me but all day I catch myself in other ways looking so different to the way I want to. I think this is a real body image issue and so probably with my history it is not rational and part of my disordered thinking. My post might have simplified it too much but I suppose I am working through it. Your comment has let me think about it more again so that is good. Thank you. Missy x

      Oh and yes. That apartment was definitely a good backdrop. It made me wonder about the owners when I thought about the furnishings. Kindred spirits?

    • Thank you Feve. It’s a great idea and a catchy title. I like the idea of doing something short too as most of my posts are quite long. Missy x

    • Thank you. Tesco’s finest. Well not actually the finest range. They are the range with a bit of support and we’re just cheap. There is something I quite like about big pants though. I only ever wear a thong with clothes but with a corset the big ones seem more balanced. Missy x

  4. An interesting scene to be part of…so delightful.

    As for the pic…absolutely stunning. I haven’t known how to respond to some of your other recent posts because I know they were sincere and you are on a journey of introspection that trite words from a commenter couldn’t resolve.

    However, whether you “look good for your age” or simply look good, what is the difference? We’ve all been given a body that we can’t make taller or shorter, and not can we change many other aspects. We can get a tan, but we can’t ultimately change our color. My point being that our body is what it is (given our regard for healthy diet removed for the time being). And that body at 20 can’t be the same at 40 or 50 or 60. Each brings its own new standard of beauty.

    And our true beauty has to be found in our satisfaction in life. So, this is a stunning pic for a 30 old, much less a 50+ year old.

    I hope you find peace with your images. From my point of view, they’re amazing.

    • Thank you QH. That is helpful and your comments and thoughts are always welcome so please never hold back. I do like this picture. Missy x

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