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The Library ~ A Tale of Hidden Erotica

It is funny the things you just don’t know exist, until you do of course. I always think of people moving through their lives unaware of the kinky underworld that opened up for me when I first met Cathal. I had been like that too of course. Living on the surface, unknowing, unawares. And even still, there were surprises like the library. I never really knew when he was going to surprise me, pushing me out of my comfort zone.

That was good for me of course. It meant he kept me on my toes. I should have known when he said we were going to the library that it would not be as I anticipated. But that is the thing with surprises; if you expect them, then it is no longer a surprise.

“You can slip your clothes off and leave them here,” he said as we entered a sort of ante-room and gestured towards a lavish looking cloakroom staffed by a couple of girls in expensive lingerie.

Responding to my obvious shock at his request he added,
“OH! You didn’t realise this was an erotic library visit? I think you are about to have the literary experience of a lifetime, Elise.”

I looked around uncomfortably and hesitated, feeling uncertain.

“Here. Let me help you,” he said reaching around to unzip my dress up and slipping it off. I looked up at him and he nodded in approval to reassure me. I wondered about my shoes but it seemed I was allowed to keep them on. I remembered the CMnf event we had attended the previous month and a wave of heat flushed over me. He handed my clothing to the girls and I noted that they thanked him by name. Clearly I was the only one making a first time visit to the library.

“You look perfect,” he said pulling me into him and kissing me deeply. He then took my hand and opened the heavy wooden door, indicating that I should enter the room. As I took it all in, I felt him beside me, his hand on the small of my back as he ushered me through. It was indeed a library, but not like anything I had ever seen before. There were shelves from ceiling to floor on several levels. In fact, I don’t think I had ever really seen so many books in one place.

The room seemed to go on forever, one level giving way to the next like the tiers of a cake. I don’t know how old it would have been but the oak panelling and leather suggested it would be of significant historic interest. There were seats, lots of them and there was something reminiscent of an old fashioned reading room in a gentleman’s club. Around me I noted people in various states of nakedness reading and chatting, and others who were even more intimate.

Cathal led me deeper into the room and I saw then other pieces of furniture, all erotic and all very sophisticated and luxurious looking, despite their clear alternative purpose. Many of the items had leather cuffs as an integral part. I noticed a young man who stood, bound by wrists and ankles to two library ladders. I couldn’t see him as he was face to the books but his low moans as his Mistress teased him make me stop and watch, mesmerised.

I began to relax.

“I want you to choose two books, Elise. One to read now and one to take home for later.”

My head was spinning. There was a lot to take in as I tried to concentrate on browsing the shelves. There was so much erotic literature set out into sub genres covering every fantasy and fetish I had ever known possible, and many more that were new to me. I grew more used to my nakedness, and I suppose that of other people, although many, like Cathal, were still fully clothed, others wore items that were clearly erotic for them.

The atmosphere was one of acceptance, of extravagance and hedonism but with an element of sophistication. For while many played, exploring their erotic desires, others read and simply took in the atmosphere as the fictional fantasies held within the pages came to life around about them. I didn’t know what to choose. Selecting finally from the classics and not wanting to keep Cathal waiting any longer, I chose ‘The Story of O’ and ‘Justine’.

I chose ‘The Story of O’, which I had read many times before for the book I would read today as I felt that to concentrate on something new might be a challenge. ‘Justine’ I had always meant to read but hadn’t and I imagined leaving here, still high on the experience and luxuriating in the after effects as I lay at home, engrossed in someone else’s erotic undoing. It felt unreal as I made my way back to Cathal, ready to get comfortable and enjoy what the evening brought.

“Ah. The classics. I should have known,” he said as I presented him with my selection. He was sat, relaxed in a dark red velvet chair and he patted his lap, indicating I should lay across it. Despite the erotic nature of the activities going on around me, I still felt awkward at the thought of being spanked in public, which certainly seemed what he planned to do. I wriggled myself nervously across him until he patted my bottom to indicate that my position was correct.

“Now read to me,” he said, handing me ‘The Story of O’.

I started tentatively, trying not be to distracted as he stroked my skin in circular motions. I was feeling quite pleased with my performance so far when I was thrown by the whack of ‘Justine’ as he began to spank me with my choice for later.

“Keep going Elise. I am sure that there are others who would like to listen to you read while you are spanked. This is only the very beginning of the book after all and the night is but young.”

The task for Wicked Wednesday this time was to replace one word in a film title with ‘Library’. So many films begin with ‘The’ that it is pretty much a cheat but ‘The Secretary’, ‘The Holiday’, take your pick. Anyway I couldn’t find anything that would work for something about an Erotic Library, which was really what I wanted.

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  1. I love, love, love this, Missy. The scene you have set, the other people around, an erotic library (I want to know where it is!) and being spanked with a book while reading… brilliant.
    ~ Marie xox

  2. Oh that is a lovely piece of writing – that sense of a timeless place where people live life differently – it is something that the Story of O has and her choice made perfect sense. It also made me remember a librarian I had a relationship with many years ago but that’s a story for another time…..

    • And it sounds like a story we need to hear ….. Thank you by the way. I am really pleased that you liked the story. Missy x

  3. Your fiction is always so wonderful. It draws you in and makes you want to be in the room. I know that’s the point of course, but not all writers succeed and you do. And I loved the cameo by the male sub!! 😉

    • Oh wow. Thank you so much. I always wrote myself off as a fiction writer and don’t have much confidence in that area so that means a lot. And I was thinking if you when I included the male sub. I promised to try to do that more lol. Missy xx

  4. Lovely Tale Missy and how wonderful to be in a library full stop! Hope we will be allowed again.It reminded me alittle of a story from the SM in 2018 when i was in the comp. Cant think who wrote it now but it was so sexy – like yours- and how she had to continue reading out loud. A very sensual idea
    May x

    • Oh cool. I wasn’t aware of that but it would be interesting to read someone else’s take. It sort of unfolded before my eyes really. Like you say – chance would be a fine thing at the moment. Good job it’s just a fantasy! Missy x

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