A celebration of love

A celebration of love, lust and what we have

It has been a hard week for us. We have had some difficult things to deal with and I can say with certainty that we are not over the worst. A positive to come out of this though is the way that we feel about each other. Despite trying to manage, we have been able to support each other and remain connected. So this is a celebration of the fact that we reach for each other in love and lust, and that remains a constant.

In the darkness we speak without words. We find each other and nothing needs to be said. It is not play, not the usual way that things fold and unfold and shift and shape. It begins with tender touch, soft, comforting and then builds into something more demanding, something with suggestion, something that requires an answer without ever asking a question. We are moved by our feelings of need for each other.

It is not a selfish need but a need to communicate and to fasten ourselves together. To feel together and breathe together, to combine what we are in acknowledgement of its presence. To replace the hurt and the fear and the sadness with something positive and constructive which is safe and secure. We reach out and dig in, growing ever more persistent in our pursuit of each other.

The lust grows, tangible in the black of the room where the heat from our bodies seems to buzz. We become more needy, more desperate as we find each other and move together, exploring, anticipating, joining. Entwined and combined we have moved past the point where things are gentle and quiet. We lose ourselves to the sensations, the muscle memory reacting and responding as one body answers the echo of the other.

It is a celebration, not of loss and uncertainty of the future, not of what we still don’t know and the things that we do, but of us, our love, our lust, our connection which holds us in its hand and cradles us in something lasting and sure. It is not just what we have but what we are, what we become together. It transcends time and is integral to the borrowed skin that we share in this life. But for now, for tonight, it is ours and it makes us whole.

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  1. It sounds like you are facing some painful challenges….sending positive vibes your way, and so glad that in times of strife, you lean into the love you share together <3

  2. Staying connected when life throws its curveballs at you, definitely is something to celebrate. This piece is beautiful, and evident of your love for each other. Thinking of you in these difficult times.
    ~ Marie xox

  3. Sorry to hear of the difficult time and circumstances. But very glad this is making your relationship stronger. It’s always great to know you’re not alone in this thing called life.

  4. This describes, beautifully, the connection between two souls through difficulty. We do have a tendency to come together, with deeper intensity, when things get hard. I think we do it because of the safety it provides, like a harbor in a storm. Even if the storm is between us or within is, finding each other there is healing and safe.

    • You are right Brigit. It does feel that way for sure and it is easier when you are weathering things together I think. Missy x

  5. It sounds like you’re both going through a little bit of a struggle – I’ve been following you both for a while and have read how you both find strength in yourselves and others. Know you have our support x

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