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And now … for something sexier

I have always enjoyed dressing up and my feeling good project is about that very thing really. All my recent reflection has made for a heavier and more serious feel so I was ready to write something lighter and something sexier. In terms of clothing and style, I love lingerie and corsets in particular. Films like Moulin Rouge have always held an appeal and the glamour of burlesque is something that I really like.

Scene from Moulin Rouge

I love Satine’s outfits and this one in particular was something that I thought would be fun to try to take inspiration from. I wrote in Enclothed Cognition about the way that clothes can affect your mindset and even though my outfit is not quite as I wanted, it made me feel good floating around in my heels, lingerie and lace gown over the top. Although there is something to be said for nakedness, I do also like wearing some clothes.

Something sexier lingerie

I always think there is something about sheer fabrics which work because they leave a partial cover that can be sexier that everything clearly on show. I find it easier to have confidence like that and although nakedness, especially around those who are clothed will bring out my submissive side, wearing some nice lingerie which makes me feel good can push forward my more playful side too.

Something sexier lingerie from behind

Our self-reflection has reminded both HL and I that we need to put more focus into the sexy really. Lockdown hasn’t really done that for anyone and, despite a short period of slightly more movement, things haven’t really been stable enough to plan the fun that we usually would. Instead we have spent time on other areas, such as the home we never seem to leave lol, and have somewhat neglected to plan with what we have.

So less time for looking at the restrictions and allowing them to thwart us I think and more time messing around and having fun. The conclusion of our evaluative tasks was to continue with our back to basics approach, to focus on some key areas, and really step things up bit by bit. I am excited about this and look forward to using some of the new props and bits and bobs in more images and dressing up games.

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    • Haha. If I ever made Nicole jealous about anything, that would be the day indeed. But thank you. You always make me feel good. Missy x

  1. Sheer fabrics are so great for creating a sexy form of mystery. Love this outfit. I imagine you feel very sultry and seductive to wear it.
    Is there anything more yummy than feeling sexy? I think not!

  2. Beautiful image Missy and u are right Lockdown has put a definite downer on sexiness – the last time i dressed sexily was Sept and i feel a long way from beautiful at the moment – lets hope there will be some sexy times ahead for us all
    May xx

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