A spanking story

A Spanking Story

Despite my love for spanking, it is a while since I wrote a spanking story, so here is one just for you.

We have just had dinner and I have set down the coffee cups when the conversation turns to spanking. HL asks if Q has ever done it and he says no but that he would like to. We talk about what appeals to him and I can feel myself start to flush at the directness of his answers. I wonder if HL has noticed because I hear him say:

“Would you like to spank missy?”

There is a pause and I expect to feel them both look at me but I don’t. They focus on each other as HL waits for a response. I feel odd. Slightly floaty as I am discussed and an agreement reached. It is as if I am there, but also not there, part of my own body but also detached somehow from it. It is an odd experience and I feel myself changing mentally as they speak.

“What do you think Missy? Would you like Q to spank you?”

They do both look at me now. I squirm under their gaze and my face and body seems to flush. This is not something we have discussed but HL has that sense of authority about him which makes me feel small and safe. I imagine Q’s hand on my bare skin, the coolness of his touch. Would he be gentle and uncertain? Or would he deliver the sort of discipline I heard him speak of just moments ago?

“Yes Sir.” I manage to squeeze out.”

“Oh missy. That won’t do will it?” and he looks at me with seriousness, enjoying the effect he has on me,

“No Sir. Sorry.”

I make eye contact then with Q.

“Yes please. I would like you to spank me.”

HL asks me to stand next to him then. The casual atmosphere of the meal which existed only moments ago has shifted completely now and I am far more the submissive than the hostess. Slipping into that headspace, I do as asked.

“Hands behind your back and feet a hip width apart please,” he says softly as he looks at me.

Again, I do as told and without moving his eyes from mine, he lifts my dress with one hand and puts his finger into me with the other.

He removes his finger from me, and turns his attentions to Q, holding up his finger to show him.

“I think I can confirm missy’s agreement,” he says, and they both laugh.

“Shall we move to somewhere more suitable?” HL says to Q and I follow behind to the other room where he takes the spanking bench from where it sits in the corner and moves it into the centre of the room. He then takes a chair and positions it next to the bench and sits down.

He looks at me and nods and I remove my dress and climb onto the bench, positioning myself so that I am comfortable and turning my head so that I can see him. I try to focus on him and remove the thought of what Q might be thinking from my mind. I feel vulnerable, insecure, and although being spanked like this by my husband is a regular thing, it is not something which has been shared in this way before.

I close my eyes and try to relax as I listen to the murmur of their words. I hear HL stand up then and move closer to Q. His hands run across my body, pausing to highlight the way that he does this in a quick tutorial. His fingers find my clit and I feel I might explode with the ache for him. He flicks it a little and then stops, trailing his hand back up and through the crack of my bum.

There is more discussion about what I like and how my body responds and then he moves to take his seat once again. I feel new hands on me then, gentle and cool as I had imagined. I wonder what Q is thinking and feeling. I wonder if he worries about HL watching or if he is as confident as his touch would presume.

I look at HL and he is watching my reactions. I bite my lip but his face remains earnest. Q has been stroking my skin, moving in circular motions and downward movements as HL had done but he moves his body over me now and talks in my ear in a low voice, asking if I am ready? I nod that I am, and as the smell of his cologne fills the air around me, I am shocked that this is really happening.

He starts spanking me then and I push into the sensation, absorbing it and relaxing into it. I had wondered if it would feel different and it does. Although the intensity of each spank is still quite low, his pace is fast and I am quickly lost to him, my mind letting go of my earlier fears. I go with it for a time and then open my eyes to look at HL. I catch some form of communication between the two and the intensity increases.

I see something else on HL’s face too. A look I have not seen before. I can’t explain it, can’t put my finger on it but it arouses me and I know that he is getting a lot from watching this happen. The spanking continues and I become more and more turned on by it. Any inhibitions I had around Q are leaving me and I feel that I don’t ever want him to stop. HL is making observations to him about my responses and together they change tack.

HL moves to stand at one side of the bench, Q remaining at the other. HL pushes my legs further apart and I feel myself flush again, the humiliation washing over me. He begins to play with my clit and Q resumes his spanking.

“You are going to come for us missy,” he tells me.

I feel like I can’t, like it is too much and I don’t want to. I think I begin to protest but it is futile as my body is giving me away and giving me up. I fight my orgasm for a moment in my mind, the image of myself writhing on the bench before them in ecstasy humiliating me further, when the pleasure takes over. I am lost between the heat and the fire, the desire and the need and I don’t care about anything other than this any longer.

I let go then, allowing myself to fall into what they are doing completely and I come for them in a huge orgasm, the aftershocks of which continue as HL moves to kiss me and Q strokes the now reddened skin of my bum. We remain like this for a bit and then HL helps me down, wraps me in a blanket and we move to the sofa where the two men sit apart and I lie between them, my head in HLs lap and my feet on Q.

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  1. When I was at school aged about 12 – I got the cane – when you got it, you had to go stand outside the heads office – the guy had done military service, and had an old photo of himself in military gear on his table – (what a nut!) Anyhow, whenever you got sent to his office, you had to stand “at ease” pose, which meant hands behind your back, feet apart, and 1 and a quarter tiles from the wall !! How crazy was that?? Anyway, after a bit, you’d be invited in, and the deputy head would come in too, to witness it (dirty pervert!) LMAO! Well, you get 3 whacks, or maybe 6 of the best, I don’t remember, it wasn’t really an enjoyable experience, but one could develop a taste for it!

    I just kept thinking about that how we had to stand being so descriptive, as in your instructions there!

    Capital punishment was banned soon after, and they didn’t have it at the school I went up to at 13 – pity really, cos I was just getting into it! This guy a met at a party who was at the same school told me they used to compete for who could get it the most! 😀 <3

    Good story tho Missy – I like to see a young woman such as yourself kept in line – as the old school head used to say "This is going to hurt me more than it does you" (me) yeah right, lets just get on with it – I want it now!! 😀 XX

    • Eeek. I was lucky we didn’t have the cane. We has the belt but I managed to avoid it. I am not sure I could have ever got into that but interesting that it did develop a taste in some. The pomp around it was ridiculous too. Working in a school, my own school days just seem so far from belief now. The things that went on! Missy x

  2. You always have such a way with writing scenes I wish I could be in…as the spankee of course! Great story Missy!

    • Maybe I could try to write one with a male sub next time. I have only done that a couple of times I think. Never sure if it works but I do feel things are still so skewed to female submissives. Thank you for the positive feedback. Missy x

  3. I must have been quite the naughty boy – I went up to middle school at 11, (the 11+ was just in the process of fazing out) and was only at middle school for 2 years, before going to upper from 13-16. So anyhow, I was only at middle school for 2 years, and still managed to get myself whacked at least once – maybe twice I forget now!

    That guy I was chatting too, he was there from 11-16, so a little older than me, I guess the more time you spent there, the more the likelihood of getting caned!

    I remember watching Tom Browns schooldays on tv, they had him over a gym horse, and thrashed him – I remember fantasising about being thrashed in front of the whole school like he was! Haha, I was such a little freak! All the little girls would be going oh, poor Ogden, and I’d be soaking up all the sympathy while loving the humiliation and exposure! Ah, well, sormething to think about during assembly!! 🙂

    • I think those are some quite clear tendencies which would lend themselves well to submission. I can understand the erotic humiliation too although I think that could be too far for me as an example lol.

  4. I was gonna say (but forgot) after the caning at school, the head should have offered a cuddle – I mean, is he not human? That was the message IMO, that he really wasn’t human – thats the British way of life, ultimatley inhuman – “this will hurt you more than me (or whatever) its about showing who is boss, or societies demands upon the individual – or whatever, fair enough, you win this time asshole! Doesn’t work tho, it just engenders further problems. Had he offered a cuddle, we might all have moved along much better! Ok, I’m being pedantic – as ever! XX 🙂

  5. Mmmmmm! I love a good spanking and really enjoyed the good bit of exhibitionism meet voyeur found here. Very erotic! Thanks for joining in 🙂

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