Angels from the Realms of Glory

Angels from the Realms of Glory

Angels from the realms of glory
Wing your flight through all the earth
Ye who sang creation’s story
Now proclaim Messiah’s birth

In excelsis deo
In excelsis deo

The prompt this time for Monochromerotic was to create a festive photo. And what is more festive than an angel?

I love the idea of angels. Over the years my belief and my faith has changed and taken on different forms, but I would say that I have always had a sense of dark and light, both in this world and in what I think may lie beyond. What has always struck me is the limits of thinking and understanding of us, our surroundings and our world as we know it. I am not sure I believe in an afterlife as such, but more in there being something beyond the existence we see as human beings. Whether this is some higher purpose, or an omnipotent force which influences us, I cannot say, but my feeling has always been that there must be more.

I like the idea of an angel as being a pure spirit and being conscious on a much higher level than we are as mere mortals. I do wonder what more there is, and the idea of an entity with the level of knowledge of depth of love of an angel is something that intrigues me. I wonder how that would feel and be to exist in a higher order of reality, which is not a physical environment and is not conditioned by space, time, or material limitations. I have always been far more interested in phenomenon of the spiritual world than those of science. Things beyond my imagining have more appeal than discoveries already partially made. It is more about a desire for understanding what is yet unknown rather than learning more about the edges of what we know already.

While many aspects of angels interest me, I know that I would miss the sensory experience that comes from being an embodied form. I enjoy experiencing the world in a sensual and sensory way, so to give up sensory passions for a higher form of consciousness and the ability to love and rejoice in a manner far behind the one we are capable of experiencing would be a hard choice. That said, it might be nice to try and see what level of fulfilment that sort of devotion brings. I am attracted, of course, to the purity and the depth of submission of an angel whose purpose is to serve.


This is the first Christmas for Monochromerotic which is a project hosted by Little Gem over on Tell Me About… If you haven’t checked out the photos there and taken part yet then I would urge you to have a look. I would also like to thank Gem so much for all of her hard work in hosting Monochromerotic. It is such a fun project to be part of and I have enjoyed having a focus on photography in an erotic way again.

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