D/s Advent 2020

Advent Calendar 2020

I have been deliberating what to do with my advent calendar posts this year. I explained in this post that for Advent 2020 we were taking a community approach and creating the tasks on The SWC. I have been posting in the Forum there and also on Twitter but I would quite like something on my blog as a record too. I didn’t want to spam people with a very short post each day so have created one Advent 2020 post that I can add to and hopefully people will check back. I assume that some of the challenges will lead to longer posts so I will link them too.

Day 1 - Advent 2020

Day 1 – Get the Tinsel Out

“Find a creative way to show your Dominant or your submissive side by celebrating with tinsel.”

Here I am, wrists tied and waiting, at HL’s mercy for Day 1 of Advent.

Day 2 - Advent 2020

Day 2 – Candy Canes

“Whether you are going for the sweet treat or the impact version, show us your best D/s candy cane ideas.”

For today’s task HL decorated the cane with candy stripes and laid a few more on my bottom for good measure!

Day 3 - Advent 2020

Day 3 – Harness Those Reindeer

“Today’s task is to create yourself a bit gag and get ready for some fun.”

HL threw his magic sparkle dust over missy and no sooner was it done than she was his reindeer girl, bridled and ready for a wild ride. 

Christmas Stockings. Missy by the tree

Day 4 – Christmas Stockings

“Take a photo of your Christmas stockings – it can be naughty or nice.”

Opening the door on day 4 of Advent 2020, HL spied missy, posed and ready by the tree, just as he liked her to be. Naughty or nice? Why she was both of course!

Day 5 – Edge Yourself To Orgasm

“Not 5 Gold Rings but 5 nearly O’s. Todays challenge is to edge yourself or your partner 5 times and then let go and enjoy.”

I am not the biggest fan of edging. I like the orgasm at the end but I find I have to be in the right mood to want to do it. I’d much prefer five forced orgasms and you can read about a forced orgasm scene here!

6 things I love about submission

Day 6 – 6 Things

“Today we are asking you to list 6 things about yourself or about someone else that you love.”

So for this task I have actually written a post which you can find here if you are interested.  I took a different slant and wrote about 6 things that I love about my submission. If you don’t want to read then they are: intensity, connection, intimacy, excitement, safety and love.

Day 7 – Baby It’s Cold Outside

“Christmas is about the warm and fuzzies. Do something which you think will warm someone’s heart. Can be a partner or someone else. Can be naughty or nice.”

HL takes great pleasure in watching me reveal myself out of doors. He seemed particularly thrilled by my obedience at removing some of my clothes on instruction during one of the coldest days we have had. So here is a reminder to warm him up.

Day 8 – Maids a’ Milking

“Either intense Nipple play or Cock play for 8 minutes..”

I have written about nipple play before and when I did it was because I had changed my thoughts on it. It seems things have changed again so click here to find out how.

Day 9 – Melting Moments

“Wax play. Create a festive design, or just have fun.”

We usually use a massage candle for wax play so it tends not to make the nice patterns you see in other photos. It feels good and relaxes me though so I don’t mind foregoing a pretty picture for that. Follow this link to read more about wax play.

Day 10 – Present Yourself

“Either in photo or to someone else….”

Submissive positions are part of what we do and one of those is for me to present myself to HL. This can often lead to an inspection.

Day 11 – Christmas Dress Up

“Find a way to bring a little bit of Christmas into your lives with some dress up. Can be full role play or a sneaky undergarment..”

HL loves a bit of elf. If you want to read about the adventures of Elf then you can do so here.

Day 12 – Are You Being Served?

“Today’s task: Provide a service to someone without being asked. Don’t forget to let us know about what you did and how it went!.”

I have taken some creative licence here and posted an image of a time where I was literally being served. Of course service is part of my dynamic so there are plenty of options for me.

13 things about a D/s relationship - advent 2020

Day 13 – 13 Things about D/s

“Today’s gift is to list 13 things that you love about Dominance or submission then share for us here or on your blog.”

I actually miscalculated and wrote 14 things but I thought that giving a wee Bertie Bonus would be ok. Who doesn’t love a Bertie after all? 13 Things about a D/s Relationship, and a Bertie

Advent 2020

Day 14 – Festive Fantasy

“Share your festive fantasy!”

I have cheated a bit with this one. I actually got closer this year to some of my fantasies coming true. Two years ago I wrote this one about the thrill of being played with by someone else and this is something that we got to do earlier this year. I also wrote a fantasy called Arabian Nights which I wrote for HL on the 14th day of our Advent Calendar 2017.

Day 15 – Naughty and Knickerless

“No knickers (or pants) for you today. Lets all go commando and report for duty to tell everyone how it was for you!”

I always think there is something about wearing a dress with no knickers. I love the free feeling it gives me.

Day 16 – A Glass of Christmas Cheer

“Today is about fun and pleasure so your task is to use a glass dildo or decorative toy on yourself or someone else.”

We have a lovely collection of glass toys but my favourite is the twister which you can read about here.

advent 2020

Day 17 – Kinky Christmas

“Give a kinky Christmas gift to someone. It can be a kinky photo or story, or even a secret shared!”

We usually wait until the 24th for our kinky Christmas gift exchange so it was fun to do it a bit earlier this time..

Day 18 – Santa’s Sack

“Have a number of toys hidden and chose one randomly to play with. You can either do this on your own, have someone chose one for you, or have your partner use it on you. Subs you can see where this is going!”

This task is still to be completed but I will update when it is done.

Day 19 – Decorate Yourself

“This one is open to interpretation but we are challenging you to decorate yourself in any way you want – can be with plugs, clamps, or something else.”

Time to bring out my homemade festive nipple clamps I think.

Day 20 – 20 Minutes to Orgasm

“Either for yourself or someone else, this is about 20 minutes of pure pleasure so just kick back and enjoy!”

Well we tried this but it was a bit of a fail. It has been such a busy time we have neglected each other so it was pretty fast for both of us. I think this has to be one to try again soon.

Advent 2020

Day 21 – Blurred Body Parts

“Take a photo of a blurred body part and we can guess what it is

Here is my blurred body part. Can you guess what it is yet?

Day 22 – Christmas Party

“Come along and join the Christmas fun for the final chat at The SWC”

day 22 advent 2020

Sometimes I feel quite overwhelmed by people. This year has been so rubbish in so many ways, but in others, I have felt so blessed. Last night was our SWC Christmas Party so here is a picture of me and my friends having fun lol. I really never thought that being online would lead to the things it has, but I really feel that I have found my tribe. Thank you to all those who came along, and also to all those who weren’t there but who help to make my life bloody great! Merry Christmas.

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  1. This is a great idea, Missy, to add to the post. I will leave it up on my screen and come back for more. These images are just lovely, and I especially like the reindeer one 😉
    ~ Marie

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