Double Trouble

Double Trouble

I was working on a picture to use for the #ComfyUndies theme on Twitter and decided to play around with my image. I often wish that I had a submissive friend to hang out with in real life and although I have many online, the times I get for fun with another sub tend to be few and far between. I was really lucky to get to spend time with gem back in august and really enjoyed choosing outfits and getting ready to have some photos taken together. I love the way that messing around with someone else brings out my mischievous side and I think that in many ways we were double trouble for HL and PS.

Now that we are all back pretty much in isolation, I thought that I could have fun by making two of me. I am not sure how HisLordship will feel as he often says that one is quite enough but I am sure he wouldn’t be complaining if it was two well behaved and compliant submissives he found waiting patiently to carry out his commands. So here we are: Double the trouble again but with two missy’s this time.

Although I messed around a bit with this image so that it would work for Monochromerotic, I actually quite liked the coloured one too so have posted at here for you to see, as well as my comfy undies pic.

double trouble


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  1. Does this mean that there will then be two handfuls for HL if you are not well behaved and compliant? Love the images, Missy. The bottom one already caught my attention on Twitter 😉
    ~ Marie xox

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