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Sassy Sexy Socks

It is always nice when things come along that you didn’t expect. I am very active on Twitter but my friend Posy knows that I love socks and she tagged me in a #ThighHighThursday photo theme which was being hosted by Indulgent Desires. I had fully intended to tweet an image of me in socks, but when things came to it my Thursday was crazy. However, PS gave me a nudge and so after work, I tweeted the image that I use for my header with the tartan socks and the tartan bath.

What I didn’t realise was that this was a competition, so on Friday when my Twitter went crazy with notifications, I was pretty surprised to see that it was actually a giveaway and that I had won some ‘sassy sexy socks.’ I could hardly miss the opportunity to get some more pictures and use one for Monochromerotic so HL and I had fun taking some images of me posing for him in my new socks.

One pair was black with a black and white spotty bow (perfect for monochrome) and the other was dark red with a black bow, so I have added a couple of coloured pictures here for you too.

I hope you like the pictures and, if you are on Twitter you might want to take part in @DesiresIndulged next theme day on the 29th November which is ‘COMFIE UNDIES’.

I think it is so important at the moment to be celebrating the small things that make us feel good. I started my Feeling Good page a few months ago for this reason. Partly it was the effects of 2020 but it was also an age thing because turning 50 made me want to show that feeling good, flirty and sexy is not dependent on age. Despite a bit of a media shift towards body positivity, we are still surrounded by images of young glamour models with perfect bodies and, as a mature women with an imperfect body and a bucket load of image issues, I wanted to address that a little.

I edited the top picture so that it was black and white for Monochromerotic, but apart from that the photos are as they were. Although I don’t always like the reality of the images we take, I am now at the point where HL can make me feel good as we take them. It has taken a long time to reach this point but being open and sharing my images has definitely been part of that journey; thanks there go to HL and to all of you who read and have been supportive through comments. You voices do help to challenge the negative ones in my head.

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  1. Congratulations on your win! Well deserved, and I love the images you’ve taken to celebrate. I think mind monsters are cruel. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to enjoy the images after they’ve been taken? Not just when HL is taking them.

    Thank you for linking up. N x

    • I do enjoy some of them. I am very critical and tend to see all of the faults though rather than seeing the image as a whole. Thank you for your kind comment. Missy x

  2. I am so glad you won – you deserved a nice thing to happen and you always look incredible in thigh highs. And good ol Posy – she really is a darling
    May xx

  3. I’m delighted I nudged you towards participating in this photo challenge. You always look poised and attractive in your images missy – I’m not at all surprised you were chosen as the winner.
    I haven’t yet had a chance to visit your positivity enhancing meme but I will because I agree totally with your motivation for creating it.
    You deserve so many good things for your support of others and your creativity.

    • It isn’t a meme so much as a collection of posts which fit that theme. I decided to have a focus on it although as with everything, time ….. thank you for your nudges too. They are always welcome. Missy x

  4. I’m glad I gave you a nudge missy. You were a deserving winner and now we get to see your gorgeous legs in your winnings. Long may this journey of self confidence continue.

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