In a dungeon

In a Dungeon

I tried to give this image a dungeon feel and, although it was not actually taken in one, I would like to visit a dungeon some time. We had plans before COVID and hopefully when things are back to normal we can plan for this again. I think that there is something about a dungeon which would add to the headspace. I think it would feel exciting and the dark aspect of it draws me in. So fingers crossed, maybe one day I will actually be shackled to a pillar in a dungeon somewhere, waiting.

In a Dungeon

“Let us be greedy together; let us hoard. Let us hit each other with birch branches and lock each other in dungeons; let us drink each other’s blood in the night and betray each other in the sun. Let us lie and lust and take hundreds of lovers; let us dance until snow melts between us. Let us steal and eat until we grow fat and roll in the pleasures of life, clutching each other for purchase.” 

― Catherynne M. Valente, Deathless

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  1. Very sexy Missy, it looks like you are waiting for some kinky fun there. A dungeon sounds like it could be fun for sure, definitely would help the mindset with so much equipment around.

  2. Wow! The words are delicious and they fit your image so well. You have definitely given the impression of a dungeon with you waiting – alluring and helpless – at the mercy of a dominants whim. Oh the anticipation.

    • You are making me feel quite excited at the thought now. Just want I needed – an erotic writer to set me to words! Missy x

  3. Great image – love the corset. I want to got to a dungeon! What fun that would be. There used to be times when we could all have fun. Who knows maybe they will return
    May xx

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