A simple sunday from the past

Simple Sunday

Simple Sunday is the best. It has been quite a week and it feels good to take some time for us just to be. I am glad to have HL to guide and protect me. Together the world feels better: we celebrate each other’s successes and support during those difficult moments. I always think it is important never to judge from the outside. We can look and see one thing when really a situation may be completely different, and I always try to remind myself that you never really know what someone is fighting or dealing with by looking from the outside.

Anyway, we have a lovely simple Sunday planned with a long, lazy walk along the beach followed by a picnic outside with friends. I think everyone is getting good at enjoying the colder temperatures and there is something to be said for being wrapped up warm with the chill of the air on your face. I think that is one of the good things about lockdown really in that it has meant that many people are spending more time outdoors than they might have.

This image was actually taken when HL and I were away together last year and it pictures a different sort of simple Sunday than the one we have arranged for this week. I love those times when you are alone as a couple and can laze around with not much on, reading and just catching up. I especially love the feeling of the sun through the window warming my skin and the fact that, more often than not, the semi-nakedness gets me into trouble in one way or another.

Simple Sunday


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  1. You get into trouble missy? No, I don’t believe it. I really enjoy looking at this picture of you, with the beam of sun shining over your skin, it’s beautiful

    • Yes I agree. There is not as much opportunity to do that as we would like but we tend to grab it while we can. Missy x

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