Summoning a Dominant

Summoning a Dominant

I thought I would get on board with the spooky Halloween themes taking place on many of the memes and try to create an image which fitted the prompt. I know it is very unsubmissive to be summoning a Dominant, but mine is not to question the power of magic.

summoning a dominant

Summoning a Dominant

Come to me this blackest night
Take me, break me, into your light
Devour, consume and make me whole
In exchange I offer my soul.

Through the days of endless time
I will be yours and you’ll be mine
I serve your desires and make your rich
Come to me, I’ll be your witch.

‘Though seasons change and time stands still
I’ll meet your needs and feed your will
All I am and all I will be
I bind to you and thee to me.

Exposed and open I lay myself bare
Desire’s cloak for you I will wear
My body I’ll use to worship you
My mind I will focus to remain most true.

So come to me my Dominant
Respond, my love, to this my chant
As time stands still to wait for us
This, my summons, I send forth thus.


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  1. great spell/poem and an alluring picture to accompany it – I have to take my hat off to your creativity missy
    (sorry about the pun – I should leave that to Cousin Pons!)

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