haunted by you

Haunted by You – A Vignette

I am haunted. Haunted by you.

My hands brush my face and I smell you. It catches me off guard as I breathe you in and I am thrown back in time, there with you again. My fingers trace the length of your cock, enjoying the silk of your skin as I hear your gasp of breath. I luxuriate in you, becoming slowly lost. I feel your weight on top of me as you grab my wrists in one hand pinning them swiftly and roughly behind my neck. I am drowning in your eyes as you push into me hard.

Your face is hard, focussed and dark as you stare into me. You throw your head back and our gaze is broken but I keep watching you, looking at you, becoming your movement. You overwhelm me as I absorb you, falling deeper and deeper, losing more and more of myself to you. Your deep voice whispers in my ear as the warmth of your breath fills it, dancing into me. You are moving fast and hard now, rough and unforgiving as you start to let go.

By the time you are ready I am nothing besides what you need me to be. You claim me and own me with all that you are and after, in the silence that hangs over us, we are finally still. Your chest rises and falls on top of me, the cadence of your breath forcing my own to echo it until you roll off, our bodies still sticking together in our own heat. I trail my fingernails back across your chest and down, clasping your still-hard cock once again in my hand.

I can feel you so so vividly that it surprises me when I find myself alone.

I am haunted. Haunted by you.

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  1. This was a great read Missy. You took ‘haunted’ in a whole new direction. Instead a more depressing tale, this showcased how being haunted was like a lingering of the erotic event. Amazing job!

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